HEEELP1 my WordPress blog has shrunk

I wrote to WP on Saturday because my blog has unaccountably shrunk beyond  legibility – every aspect, header bars, menus,   etc. The reader (top right) has disappeared altogether.

I  had  an ackowledgement by email, but not a word since and I’m really struggling.  I can enlarge the actual posts with my touch screen, but all the icons and  instructions etc
remain in miniature, so it’s really difficult to do anything at all.

If anyone has any idea how I can get back to normal, I will be eternally grateful.

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23 Responses to HEEELP1 my WordPress blog has shrunk

  1. tialys says:

    Sorry Viv, I can’t really add anything to what’s already been said as the resident IT person is in the UK working at the moment and seems to be in back to back meetings. However, Chrome often plays naughty tricks and, as you say all is normal on Internet Explorer, it would suggest something on your Chrome settings might have gone amiss. What that might be is another question.

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  2. Jo Woolf says:

    Viv, it may be something simple! What are you viewing it on? It may be to do with the ‘mobile’ version of your WP theme. If your theme doesn’t have a default mobile setting, it will just make it smaller to fit the device. Try this: in your Dashboard, go to Appearance in the left margin, and then under that menu click ‘Mobile’. When this comes up, see whether ‘Enable mobile theme’ is ticked or not. If ‘No’, try clicking ‘Yes’, and then click ‘Update’, and see what happens. This is a setting which enables a default ‘mobile’ theme for people to view it on their phone or laptop. I am out all day but back this evening but happy to help if you drop me an email! Don’t panic though – I can see it fine on my computer here.

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  3. I am not much help at all. When I get truly stuck I call on Rebekah over at Tassitus. She rocks WordPress.

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  4. katechiconi says:

    I don’t suppose I’ll be able to add much, but the fact that we all see it normally, and the same if you use a different browser means that it’s not actually WP that is weird, but the way you’re seeing it in that browser on your device. I’ve had this happen to me a couple of times; the only issue I have with my beloved MacBook Air laptop is that the tracker pad has too many functions, and I end up shrinking things and changing screens without wishing to because my hands lack agility. You could try using Control/Shift/+, which ought to enlarge everything back to its normal size. One other suggestion, is to go to your browser history, and pick a WordPress post there from before the problem started, and go back to that. It may ‘reset’ your format if it’s something you’ve done…. Good luck, I hope it sorts itself out…


  5. Tom Merriman says:

    Looks normal here, Viv. Your font looks different, but the size looks OK. I’m using Chrome. There have been a few weird oddities lately that seem to affect individual users. Hope you get sorted soon.


  6. seingraham says:

    Whoa – I just noticed you’re paying for premium WP – do they not have a 24 hr online chat feature or something? Your page seems perfect on my screen also, but that’s no help to you … and if all your other stuff is coming up as normal, I would def want to hear from the people I’m paying, why they think something’s askew …(just my personal feelings) – sorry I, like the Laughing Housewife – am pretty much useless. Good luck Viv.

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  7. Victoria says:

    I roamed around and all looks normal size at this end. Hope they can help you. That’s one complaint I have about wordpress…would love to have phone support.


  8. My Tech Support wants to know how it looks in a different browser? It sounds like a settings problem but I have never encountered that. I use CNTR+ to make things bigger but sometimes I have to try things in a different browser. I use Firefox and there is Chrome, Internet explorer etc. Wish I could be more help.

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  9. neil reid says:

    hi Viv. Same as Andrew, looks normal to me. That leaves only your monitor or your computer as candidates for mischief. I guess by what you said, that probably not monitor. Leaving the computer which should have some “preferences”, including what size to make things appear. Anything unusual happen with your machine of late? Though sometimes they just get confused and change bits and pieces uninvited. OK for now last suggestion (basic basic) is have you done a complete cold restart (turn it all off, then back on). Sometimes that fixes things. Good luck Viv.

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    • Neil, thanks for trying. It’s only the blog that’s miniaturised – everything else is exactly the same. When it first happened I did the usual shut down/restart routine a couple of times, to no avail. That’s when I wrote to WordPress. They still haven’t come back to me,and I’m getting really fed up with it. I shall try on Control Panel, but as everything else is normal, it doesn’t seem likely. I did try WP tools, but there was nothing remotely feasible. I shall now try using another browser.


      • Interesting: Internet Explorer shows my blog completely as it should be, which is weird, because I only changed to Google Chrome because WordPress stopped supporting IE.


        • neil reid says:

          Good for you Viv! Well there’s one solution. I don’t take “browser not supported” advisements too seriously. Often, at least at first, what differences might exist likely won’t matter much, so go ahead with IE.

          RE WP support: we do gotta remember the service is free, so we get what we pay for. Although me, I could wish they’d stop “improving” things so much. More bother than it’s worth I think. And that does touch on “new” stuff not being compatible with older browsers unfortunately. Hang in there. I like your blog & posts.

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  10. Your page seems to be rendering fine on my computer now. It might be something specific with the device you are using.

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  11. Oh no! Sorry, I’m useless. 😦

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