surly sky

Surly sky cannot belie
the bubble of happiness as we,
cocooned in warmth and comfort
of friendship, look out
over pewter sea,
when suddenly appears
a gaggle of horses and riders
to splash along the tideline.
Child giggles with delight
and shares her glee.

horses at Coutainville 3


dVerse wants a poem of  exactly 44 words around the word bubble jock and Constance 20.2.16 

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28 Responses to Quadrille

  1. Nature feels
    her bubble
    oF liFe
    frEE as shores oF

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  2. Sweet moment to treasure! We can never get too many of these “bubbles of happiness” in our lives.


  3. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:

    Oh, what a happy experience indeed!

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  4. A wonderful vignette, Viv! So much is 44 words! And the photos add so much in conjunction.

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  5. Bryan Ens says:

    Love this! The picture of the girl laughing with her grandfather (I presume?) is delightful!


  6. kim881 says:

    The first line has a touch of Shakespeare – I love this poem!

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  7. Em says:

    This is wonderful poetry. The pewter sea is my favorite.

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  8. C.C. says:

    “Surly sky” + “Pewter sea”—both are such vivid images that bring the scene to life 🙂

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  9. Love every bit of this poem, especially the sounds of the last two lines. Precious. 🙂

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  10. Bodhirose says:

    Charming, Viv. You captured the shared glee between friends very sweetly. I like how it came “bubbling” out of the grayness.

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  11. ShirleyB says:

    What a great snapshot. Vividly expressed. Loved it.

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  12. Waltermarks says:

    Cloudy skies don’t have to burst your bubble. it wells up from within, thanks for a lesson learned

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  13. Mary says:

    Love the bubble of happiness, Viv. Your quadrille makes me smile.

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  14. Grace says:

    Love the warmth and happiness shared by the two ~ And sweet picture too Viv ~

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  15. You captured some beautiful images Viv, enjoyed your take…

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  16. whimsygizmo says:

    That first line is just so enchanting, and so much fun to say. What a wonderful slice of memory, bubbling over with joy.

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  17. This so enchanting.. The picture and image of the horses… Bubble to make you happy,,, and I love the word gaggle.


  18. I love the poem and that picture is delightful.

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  19. I could see the smiles and hear the laughter.

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  20. Victoria says:

    I have a wonderful memory of a vacation like this when I was a teen–riding horses bareback in the ocean off of Catalina Island. Lovely use of the form.

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  21. katechiconi says:

    Lovely photo of Jock and (?) granddaughter? Your weather looks cold and miserable to you, but deliciously cool to me!

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  22. tialys says:

    Lovely poem and photos Viv. Were they taken at your windy/rainy seaside lunch yesterday?

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