Wordle 230

Warped and twisted extremists
spread everywhere a stream of fear,
entwine us in their vicious schemes
to lure us into their world  of hatred

This flood of anger must be resisted
or peace will never reign again.
The creases of sweetness
and kindness must be smoothed
and lines of love thrown out to all.

See what others have made of these words here at Brenda’s Sunday Whirl


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8 Responses to Wordle 230

  1. ms pie says:

    spoken with the clearest of voice in poetry

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  2. Mama Pajama says:

    yes. a bunch of us went to that same place…at least we know we all agree on this point, and that’s encouraging!

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  3. I guess this is where the given words took all of us…so sad that it’s an issue for all of us. I will be driving through San Bernadino in a couple of weeks. I spent 12 weeks there back in the 60’s during my psych nursing training.

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  4. 1sojournal says:

    Love it and couldn’t agree more! Have a blessed Holiday season and here’s to peace (real peace) in the New Year,


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  5. I agree, Viv. “…and lines of love thrown out to all.”


  6. Jae Rose says:

    As the saying goes you can’t put fire out with fire…a clear and certain poem…and a good aspiration for all


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