Summer has returned, now Linda’s gone

Murphy’s Law dictates that while you have a friend staying the weather will be so so, and the moment they go home, the sun comes out. But I had a fun week with my good friend and we managed to critique tons of each other’s poetry, have lots of giggles and eat far too much!Linda at Pirou

Today is our neighbour’s wedding – a beautiful day for it.

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12 Responses to 6-word-saturday

  1. I didn’t need the weather in your sunny company 😉

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  2. catterel says:

    So nice when bloggers meet and get along well in the real world – in spite of the weather.


  3. Tonya says:

    Glad the weather is better for you but sorry to see Tilly has left.

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  4. what a lovely photo of Tilly.

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  5. Kathe W. says:

    friends are the best regardless of the weather! Cheers!

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  6. jesh stg says:

    Don’t you hate when that happens? But then there are those times our friends bring cooler weather when it’s extremely hot:) Glad you found my 6-word-sat. – I most often do one post for the whole week, and 6 words somewhere at the end. – thanks you for visiting me!

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  7. restlessjo says:

    I don’t suppose Tilly could care less about the weather! She came for the company 🙂

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  8. gillena says:

    Have a nice Saturday

    Much love…

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  9. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    Something comes, someone goes…

    My Six Word

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  10. I’ve just had a week away with my sister and we ate too much! talked loads too. Lovely pic of your friend. x

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  11. Ron. says:

    Ta-ta, TB! Safe travels!


  12. thehutts says:

    Lovely photo of Tilly!

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