Mister Flowers and Mister Jock

Jock has finished and framed his latest embroidery today, of Celie’s peacock Mister Flowers.  You can find lots more about the beautiful inhabitants of the Kitchen’s Garden here  Jock insists I add that Mister Flowers is the one on the right!

Jock and Mister Flowers 2.

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23 Responses to Mister Flowers and Mister Jock

  1. It shines like an enamel. He should have a kiln.

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  2. julespaige says:

    I have a mock (not real stained glass) peacock hanging in my front window. And I have been fortunate enough to see all white peacocks too.

    Kudos to Jock on his Mr. Flowers. I occasionally have placed with counted-cross stichery. But not embroidery. Really very beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

    And thanks for your visits. I was away and am just getting to revisit some comments now.
    Best to you and Jock! And the Peacocks!

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  3. tialys says:

    Very lovely work but I think it’s a shame he isn’t called Mr. Flowers 😉


  4. a picture of one of my favourite humans!

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  5. That is most impressive work of which I’m quite envious. Congratulate him on the accomplishment. I would set it aside for years and never finish something so detailed. Thank you both for sharing.

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  6. EllaDee says:

    Truly exquisite Jock and Viv. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  7. irmi says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Jock’s work and letting the artist introduce his work himself! How long did it take? Or when did he start first? – It’s a very fine work although it’ll be seen much more detailed and elaborated in colours when shown from front. Isn’t it? I’d like to see it “live” to have a closer watch… 🙂

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  8. Mlissabeth says:

    How wonderful! Jock does exquisite work!


  9. restlessjo says:

    But I CAN like this one. 🙂 Lovely peacock and Jock looking good too.
    Perhaps you could just write prose for a while?


  10. Joan says:

    This is lovely. I am just now reminded that when I was a child my dear Mom did a similar piece though probably not nearly as elaborate. You did a wonderful job, Jock, and it touches me to recall how my mother loved the beauty of these birds and their stunning colors.
    I am new to your blog so please help me. …as I came over from The Kitchen’s Garden to see what she mentioned of you today. Is this something you do often? Somehow I find myself being drawn to more and more people in France or with French connections in some way. It will be fun to explore your earlier posts.
    Hope you are having a wonderful summer. What is your next project?

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    • Nice to meet you here. Jock did an embroidery of Celie’s Duke of Kupa, the first peacock, which you’ll find in the black bar at the top of my blog under Jock’s Embroideries. He also did a portrait of Celie, of which only the hands really worked. His next project will either be of Boo at top speed, or possibly another one of Mister Flowers, just his head and neck, for the colour detail. He says that the process is so intense that he needs counselling before starting the next!
      I hope to see you here again.


  11. dayphoto says:

    You made me smile! What a huge accomplishment! Well done!



  12. granny1947 says:

    Well done Jock. Very nice.


  13. Misky says:

    Very impressive!


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