Poem Starting with a line by UA Fanthorpe

Somewhere along this road an invisible ditch
creates a tangible barrier between us,
requires enormous effort to cross
by car and boat or plane and train –
a day of stoic waiting in discomfort
endured for the reuniting.

But on my lap a contraption of plastic
brings us together without exertion
except the flight of fingers  across the keys
Click an icon and there you are before me
by wizardry of arcane technology
The desire and Skype are all that’s needed
to bridge that ditch.


First line from Homing In, by UA Fanthorpe, my choice for Miz Quickly’s prompt:” to look around. Read some New-to-You poetry. I usually begin with the Poets.org poem-a-day and follow the links for further reading; doesn’t matter how you browse, though. Just look for a line that captures your imagination (and holds its own as a unit of syntax) That is your first line*. It sets the tone for your poem. You may want to go farther–if you want a little more challenge–and let the length of the line, and possibly its meter, be your template. Just have fun.”

The ditch in UA’s poem is the English Channel, which separates me from my family in England




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7 Responses to Poem Starting with a line by UA Fanthorpe

  1. julespaige says:

    You are one ahead of me there in the tech department with Skype. I was hoping to learn some photo stuff this summer… and the summer isn’t over yet!

    Thanks for visiting my ‘words’ – piece. I finally played with this prompt in an ode to my eldest:

    And I agree with not paying for ‘printing’! The one chap book that I was talking about also had sponsors. The chap book was really quite nice. But they kept crying foul of the cost. They could have published less issues. But after I awhile I just stopped submitting and ended my subscription. You did get a free copy if you had a piece in it. But editors can be so particular that after awhile the sense and theme changed.

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  2. Thank goodness for the gadgets. I have kids scattered all over the US

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  3. colonialist says:

    Your wandering Bistrot stopped trotting and returned, I see.

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  4. colonialist says:

    At a tangent – Skype wasn’t too helpful tonight. An old school friend tried repeatedly, but failed. That ditch of yours is all too visible, actually!

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  5. tialys says:

    ‘The desire and Skype’ and a functioning lappy of course 😉

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