Water, bane or blessing

Back on the travelogue prompts, Niagara Falls from Phoenix Rising and Heeding Haiku gives us Water

Last night I watched a documentary about the world’s most extreme bridges, from the wind- rocked suspension bridge in Seattle  to a floating bridge that sinks under the weight of a heavy truck, drowning cars already on the bridge; from miracles of simple engineering
joining communities by spanning a deep rushing river gorge in Nepal to the beauty of the viaduct at Millau in France, so high that it tempts adrenaline junkies to jump off it with parachutes; from the 5 mile long Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland, so terrifying that folk will pay 25$ each way for someone else to drive them across, to the abandoned bridge in Japan that is so rickety that it tempts adventureholics to take motor cycles and vehicles across the fragile rusty frame and rotten planks.

Water divides folk
separates communities.
Bridges re-unite.


Need for water
damages communities
until it rains again.


Business needs for water
alienate  communities
fair shares for all.


plastic bottled water
pollutes ad infinitum

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9 Responses to Water, bane or blessing

  1. thehutts says:

    Sounds like an interesting programme – what channel? Great themes for the Haiku. Sally

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  2. Candy says:

    Thanks for sharing these – they’re super! Love. the message in the last one.

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  3. julespaige says:

    It ‘is’ that fair share thing, Viv. The ‘Them’ that have and ‘Those’ that do not. Throughout history.
    A delightful post and meaningful haiku.

    Just the other day I was watching a type of documentary where an Asian man (I forget the country) had in the dry spell had rigged two cables across a fjord so that in the rainy season when it was impossible to get to his favorite fishing spot he could tightrope walk the bottom cable while above his head he would hand over hand the top cable. Which had to be two or three hundred feet across. But he could only take about two kilos of fish that he caught back across safely to feed his family. He had to do this everyday during the rainy season.


  4. Suzanne says:

    Those bridges soundquite incredible. Ilike the way they inspired your haiku


  5. There are some lovely bridges around.
    As to your thought provoking question about water – I can’t decide on my answer. When things are going well water is a blessing and the sustainer of life, but when things go wrong it is quite the opposite.

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  6. Ron. says:

    Nice shorts, V.
    Sandra & I, on our trip last month to The Outer Banks (in North Carolina, commonly referred to simply as OBX) crossed the 23 mile-long Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel system. Unreal, esp the TWO sections where the bridge becomes the tunnel. I did the driving so that Sandra could fully enjoy the experience, and also because I was afraid she’d become enthralled by all that water on every side that she’d forget to keep her eyes on the road.

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