Let’s Get Started

Content to have finished the train crash quilt, I started a new project last night – having spotted a photo of a Japanese folded patchwork bag in an old copy of Fabrications Quilting For You  I thought I’d have a go,  so far without the foggiest idea of how to put it together!

Japanese folded bag designLast night I made four of the folded blocks, and am raring to go to make some more:

Let's get started
ready to go

In case you’re not familiar with Japanese folded patchwork, here’s how it works.  Cut
circles of background fabric – I drew round a tea plate, but have in the past used a dinner plate. Turn in a narrow hem with tiny running stitches to keep it in place.  Cut squares of batting and feature fabric slightly smaller than your hemmed circle, and place one of each  in the centre of the wrong side of a background circle.  Turn in the background circle around each side of the centre square, pin in place and then slipstitch the edges down.   An all in one operation, no need for backing, single block

The next step is to arrange your blocks to whatever shape you want and stitch them together using  a whip stitch with right sides together. You can join blocks into a table runner, place mats or a cushion and  quilt or decorate it as you wish.  I like this kind of cushionsimple hand-sewn project which I can do while watching tv – I do hate to have idle hands!






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8 Responses to Let’s Get Started

  1. tialys says:

    I’ve made one of these before – they are really fun and portable project. Looking forward to seeing your finished bag.

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  2. catterel says:

    That looks so simple, even I could do it – since my eyes have become so bad, I’ve given up needlework. But I do miss making things.

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  3. That’s very interesting and pretty. It looks like there is no machine sewing involved. I’m going to try and play with the idea when I get some of my other projects finished. They are stacked in the sewing room but I’m busy in the yard. Soon.

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  4. granny1947 says:

    Very impressive.
    Beyond me but still impressed.

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  5. Misky says:

    Wow.Wow.Wow! That’s fantastic, Viv. 🙂 >

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