Hassle and Hooray

I have spent the entire morning online and on the phone, arranging a visit to UK to see Sally and family.  Airline and Train sites make it appallingly difficult to make a do-able booking.  For a start, I usually fly from Rennes a couple of hours drive away to Newcastle, with a brief halt at Southampton, doing the whole thing in about 6 hours with minimum hassle. No more.  Flybe wanted me to spend a night in Southampton each way.  No dice.

Another route involved three different airlines, with consequent co-ordination problems and inflated price.  No dice.

Hours of research and telephone calls with daughter, and I have found a flight from Deauville to Birmingham, onward by train.  Flight time is too early to do the same thing in reverse on the way home, so Sally will drive me from Northumberland to Birmingham.

Having at last sorted flights and train, the time came to pay.  This took two hours, of faffing about, changing cards, swearing, re-entering details umpteen times, before I had confirmations.   And they try to tell us that booking online  is easy!

This post was supposed to be for Sally’s wild challenge (I really was wild!), but in the spirit of the challenge, here’s a little senryu.


My wild childhood
exploring, imagining, doing–
the best way to learn

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10 Responses to Hassle and Hooray

  1. catterel says:

    Oh dear! You’ll find B’ham New St looking a bit different if you haven’t been there lately – but there is some lovely scenery from there to Northumberland. What a good girl Sally must be to drive you all the way back to Brum for your return trip. Have a lovely time 🙂

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  2. MarinaSofia says:

    Now sit back and enjoy…
    I hate days like that, when all the precious mind time is wasted on pointless, thankless, hassle tasks!

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  3. Candy says:

    The hassle is usually worth it in the end! Safe travels.

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  4. judithhb says:

    Yep – been there done that. But my frustration was with Apple. Having spent over an hour trying to get an answer, and incidentally speaking to no fewer than four men being told each time that they had to get the supervisor, I eventually gave up and called a local geek who came and solved the problem in about 20 minutes. Aargh indeed.

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  5. Doing is learning indeed…wish that your planning had gone smoother for you…wow, what hassles for sure…this means that the trip itself with be as smooth as butter!! ♥

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  6. how frustrating was that! I would have been pretty wild too. I spent almost an hour “chatting” with a tech from Microsoft yesterday. We began the conversation with me saying “this is the problem, can you fix it?” proceeded to a “yes, of course” from him and ended an hour later with him saying “this is your problem. I can’t fix it”. Aargh. There’s an hour of my life I’m not getting back!!

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