Polychrome Pleasure

buttercup time ??????????????????????????????? nearly haytime

Through April and May
the land blazes with yellow –
cheer after winter grey

beside the track aquilegia   vetch foxglove time 30.5. 30.19.14  unknown white flower elderflower cordial on the way

Purple, green and white
dominate and decorate
trackside banks in June.

for Sally’s Wild challenge and  Poetry Chain Gang, Day 5.  As this is the last day,
I nominate Tony Maude to take on the baton.  Tony is a stalwart of the dVerse Poets’ Pub, and beats me so often at Facebook Scrabble that I must have my revenge!  Tony: I hope you will post  a poem a day for  5 days and nominate a poet to continue.  No obligation, of course.

Sally shared a gorgeous tranquil video of a Northumberland hay meadow with sound.  I don’t know how to embed it here.

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8 Responses to Polychrome Pleasure

  1. What happy bursts of color!

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  2. I love all the color in the summer. Beautiful

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  3. I have SO enjoyed your wild run, Viv!!

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  4. I love all the colors in our gardens that are emerging right now. There is a haphazardness here that just makes you want to celebrate.

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  5. tialys says:

    That’s what comes from all that rain you were complaining about! 😉

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  6. Misky says:

    So pretty. Good morning, Viv. >

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