Wild Again, not Beguiled Again – an ecological rant.

I am fit to be tied!  A few weeks ago, just as the wild flowers were getting going in the roadside bank below the house, the village maintenance man sprayed the verges with herbicide.   I gritted my teeth and averted my eyes.

Today, just as the grass was recovering and ox-eye daisies had lifted their heads to wave at us, the village maintenance man came along with a strimmer.  I grabbed my sticks and dashed across to confront him.  He’s a very nice man, and I didn’t want to vent my fury on him, so my approach was mild – ish.  He told me it was a question of visibility on the bend – he was strimming on the opposite side and nowhere near the bend – and that he would continue right up past our house, which is on a cul de sac.

He told me to go to the mairie, which I duly did.  The maire wasn’t there, and the secretary – who agreed with me that the action was unnecessary and contrary to the law which specifies two trims a year in Spring and Autumn – promised to tell the Maire tomorrow.

Fat lot of good that will be, as by teatime today we are back in a wild flower desert and the bees’ and butterflies’  larder has been de-flowered.

Here’s what it looked like before:

fuzzy reduced sorrel bank \ Scarlet pimpernel roadside foxglove time 30.5.vetch speedwell et al aquilegia dandelions
above photos taken here within the last few days: sorrel, ox-eye daisies, scarlet pimpernel, poppy et al, foxglove, vetch, speedwell, acquilegia and dandelions.
after the cut today
what's the point of that        our bank, fence and 2 surviving daisies
and these were taken half an hour ago – scalped grass.  

Part of my response to Sally’s wild challenge.  

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15 Responses to Wild Again, not Beguiled Again – an ecological rant.

  1. elspethc says:

    I was so enjoying your poetry, knitting lesson, then the wild is wonderful picture, then this. Disasterville indeed – so much education needed, and so much following blindly instead – heartbreaking. Nature will triumph anyway, I think, I just hope that some of my grandchildren will still be seeing it when they have their own grandchildren. As someone said, never give up! And keep telling everyone about it, thank you.

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    • This morning, as I passed the recycling bins on my way back from my walk, a chap was stuffing a wad of plastic film and other non-recyclables into the bin. He congratulated me on depositing the bottles etc which I had picked up on my way, so I took the liberty of explaining that plastic film wasn’t recyclable, ending up in tiny pieces in our rivers and sea, and killing birds who mistake the bits for food. He thanked me, and agreed, but went on stuffing his rubbish. I despair.


      • elspethc says:

        I think it makes a difference speaking, so do not despair. People ‘saving face’, ‘defensive’ whatever, hardly ever respond immediately but somewhere their consciousness raises just a little, next time he may be less careless. The speaking has always to be polite and even friendly, a lot of people think I am a cheery old lady. HAHA [they can always find out how I really am if they look more closely]

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  2. Oh, what a shame! Have you heard anything since?

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  3. This causes my gut to well with emotion…I’m so sorry Viv.


  4. thehutts says:

    😦 – maybe you should dedicate a patch of your lawn to wild flower meadow. Is that allowed in your tenancy agreement? Love Sally

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  5. Sue says:

    Keep on at that Maire


  6. I much prefer the before pictures. Methinks the village maintenance man has too much time on his hands!

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  7. Misky says:

    I’m so sorry, Viv. You can view mine, if you wish at http://miskcooks.com/2015/06/01/a-view-on-a-wildflower-garden/ >

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