Napowrimo 27 – Haynaku


delights us
with returning warmth.

enchants us
with speckled green.

cheer us,
attract bumble bees.

serenade us
found new families.

is rekindled
with increasing light.


The Napowrimo prompt for today is  the hay(na)ku). Created by the poet Eileen Tabios and named by Vince, the hay(na)ku is a variant on the haiku. A hay(na)ku consists of a three-line stanza, where the first line has one word, the second line has two words, and the third line has three words. We can write just one, or chain several together into a longer poem


All poetry, prose and pictures posted here, except where otherwise stated, is my own, and may only be used elsewhere with my expressed permission. Please don't be inhibited from correcting my bloopers and making suggestions: Most of what I post here is instant, ill-considered and off-the-cuff, in serious need of editing.
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4 Responses to Napowrimo 27 – Haynaku

  1. Ron. says:

    New form to me, V. You kickin’ it!

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  2. This is lovely, Viv! So upbeat and spring-y…I forgot about this form – it’s a fun one, I think and I like the effect of the chain, too. 🙂


  3. colonialist says:

    These are lovely – really make me feel the hay(na)ku is a great basis for poetry.

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  4. Misky says:

    This is quite wonderful..


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