Serendipity Word Mines


There are word mines all over the house,
at least one in each room or more;
French ones, Latin, Italian and English.
Go to the mines for a word for a poem.

Synonyms and antonyms,
send me on treasure trails
to find words to bedazzle
and words to bore.

Here are some favourites
mined  here and there on the way.
Choice number one is serendipity
for sound and for meaning
found quite by chance one  happy day.

Good words and bad words
precise of sense or cloying
new words and old words,
newly coined words
like that useful  aggrannoying.

There are those who don’t like adjectives
Innocuous, mellifluous,
delicious, round, abstruse.
Words  roll off the tongue so well
they’re much too good to lose.

Clichés, too, are not admired,
but how did they become
clichés if they don’t describe a truth
universally acknowledged?

Received phrases, usually deplored,
can be useful, though tend towards verbosity:
another of those words to be explored
without animosity. But I digress.
In  my pomposity, words led me astray.


Meeting the Bar at the dVerse Poet’s Pub wants us to think about diction and choice of words.  This one isn’t new, but I think it fits the challenge better than anything new I could write.


All poetry, prose and pictures posted here, except where otherwise stated, is my own, and may only be used elsewhere with my expressed permission. Please don't be inhibited from correcting my bloopers and making suggestions: Most of what I post here is instant, ill-considered and off-the-cuff, in serious need of editing.
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32 Responses to Serendipity Word Mines

  1. new words can inspire a whole new poem… even ones that aren’t/and or very common, like tub or cat… just depends on what gets the creativity flowing at the time… a great write, Viv! much more than a poem.

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  2. middlegirl54 says:

    So happy to have visted and so have such a treat.


  3. I enjoyed this very much. The word “bedazzle” is bedazzling!


  4. Kathe W. says:

    I love the word serendipity!


  5. Sabio Lantz says:

    Viv, I really loved this. A poem, a chant, an essay … all together. Well, that and I agree with so much of what you write.

    Just yesterday, for my other blog, I was writing a bit about serendipity — that splendid gift from the gods. And lord how I hate “mellifluous” — and I’d be rich if I got a quarter for every poem I read with it sitting there sticky and nauseatingly sweet. And finally, clichés — mindless prattle. Oh, and verbosity — when poetry is used to allow one to ramble since sacrificing meaning is hides under the guise of being artistic.

    Your last line match this comment too.
    Thanx Viv

    PS – in my poem, I celebrate the non-Latin words — no need for stuffy erudition! 🙂

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  6. Bryan Ens says:

    fits the prompt PERFECTLY!! There is indeed such richness in language, and so many lovely sounding words to be explored. Thanks for a wonderful poem!

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  7. I’m totally with you on the cliche thing 🙂 and it has even a nice sound too.

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  8. Kathy Reed says:

    Oh, how I wish the words would have come to me today….just outside my grasp, when asked, but if we take note and write or save them somewhere, we can easily access them if we need them…add to the list…kind of a secret vault 🙂

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  9. Grace says:

    I am smiling at your aggrannoying. ha ~ Some words are fun though & that some can lead you astray ~

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  10. I love being led astray by your words! Serendipity is one of my favorites

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  11. MarinaSofia says:

    Very witty meditation on words, old favourites, those that make us wonder and you seem to be having fun with them. Some are too sussurating and smooth, I agree, while others just fit so well with their meaning. That last stanza is very funny – and oh so true about me too!

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  12. Truly words take me to places i never visit in real life.. and of course they also take me away from other places i want to visit in real life.. but never the less.. with human connection there is light and life.. so to count my blessings is.. to count my words too.. at least in emotional expression of connection with others.. as is.. NOW..:)

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  13. judithhb says:

    Oh how I love it when you ramble on about words. Very clever. Thanks for shring.

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  14. For some reason I first pictured word mines, like land mines, that might blow up if you use them wrong. Then I figured out you were thinking more along the lines of gold mines. 😉 Very nice! My favorite word mines are, the online thesaurus at, and Peace, Linda

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  15. This poem is absolutely brilliant! and wow!!!

    Your use of words and so good and very very intellectual.

    Love this poem piece. 🙂

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  16. Glenn Buttkus says:

    One of my favorite words is inexorable, another is extant, along with behemoth. You are clever & bang on, for Words can lead us astray, like favorite children manipulating their way into the poetics of the day. Yet Anna made a good point too. Once our poetry pile powers past 1000, it is harder to find the fresh phrase & the new word. So I borrow them from the dVerse poets while out on the trail.

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  17. Anna says:

    Ha, I enjoyed your ars poetica, the playfulness and wit! I must admit to using mellifluous in my prompt and to being an unabashed fan of adjectives. I could imagine walking through your rooms of word mines, sounds wonderful.


  18. “Choice number one is serendipity
    for sound and for meaning
    found quite by chance one happy day.”

    I love your poem and especially this stanza, Viv!!

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  19. ladysighs says:

    Just when I run out of rhyming words, I find another. Or just twist it around some. I love looking at a thesaurus.

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  20. kanzensakura says:

    Particle accelerator…I still remember when I first heard it and it is still a favorite word(s). I rarely use it except in discussion with friends. It is one of those words deeply buried in the word mine of you speak. This poem is light in touch yet at the end, it speaks simply and truly. Both tied for number one on my list of favorite words.

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  21. I ran a wordgame on twitter for two years, and was looking through dictionaries all the time, I marked words out of books I read.. some words are fun or staggering,,, I still recall when I wrote a limerick using the word buckminsterfullerene (which is not a favorite word)..

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