WordPress grumbles again

I’ve managed to avoid the new method of posting for a long time, but today it barged in unannounced and unwanted.  I was despairing, but a blogging friend Margo Roby told me to click on WP admin in my sidebar and then on Posts, Add New.  Hooray, the old format re-appeared.

Everyone I know loathes the so-called “improved posting experience” and once again
WordPress is fixing something that isn’t broken.  I wish they’d leave well alone.

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17 Responses to WordPress grumbles again

  1. Viv, there is another problem. When you try to edit the long posts in the old version, there is a scrolling problem and after you make an edit, even just typing a couple of characters, the document scrolls down to a different level. It is infuriating. I ended up writing the posts in a text document and then copying them in. But I still needed to edit to add images and links. I have found that in editing in the new format, I can do all the writing, linking, and photos, and then save it. I then reopen the document in the old format so that I can proof and publish. What a nightmare.

    The scrolling problem only began after WordPress introduced the new editing version. I think it is a form of planned obsolescence.

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  2. This is what i have been doing too.. i have never even used the New Format.. you and I post every day.. frankly we don’t want to spare the time to learn a new system..I am holding out too! c

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  3. arlene says:

    I’ve been doing that since I discovered it two weeks ago. It is really easier to edit on the old format.

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  4. judithhb says:

    Tried your trick but unfortunately I don’t have WP admin on my sidebar so I guess I am stuck.

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  5. pherecrates1 says:

    Agree totally Viv!! I seem to remember you could opt out of the new format which is what I did but they’ve recently changed the main menu options so that it seems to take you through to the new format if you’re not careful. I’m not against change but it has to be an improvement!

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  6. Soooo happy you gave us this tip! I absolutely hate working with the new one, it doesn’t show the tags I regularly use. All in all it makes my posting much less pleasant than before.
    The stats page was so much more informative too, to go on my home page is much harder as well, I truly don’t understand why they spend so many hours giving us some things we’d rather not use!
    The only thing I don’t mind as much is the “likes & comments” but again, I preferred the old one.

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  7. judithhb says:

    And yet another distraught WordPress blogger. It is infuriating!

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  8. PS You have do do that every time you write a post. I could spit!


  9. tialys says:

    Thanks for that! I did just write a post in the new format but I prefer the old one.

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  10. Viv, I couldn’t agree more!
    Another distraught WordPress blogger,

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