All that Glitters

Colourful adventures, courtly love –
in days of old a counterpoint to
men of boldness risking all for glory.
Adored by ladies for their exploits
knights in shining armour honoured war,
with lance and horse and bravery.
But someone always  gets hurt, so I deplore
those days of so-called chivalry
when all was risked in search of victory
and  losers lost their lives.


All is mediaeval panoply at dVerse, where two of the original hosts are going out with a bang, and I felt I should contribute even though the subject is not a favourite of mine!  We shall all miss Brian and Claudia as jovial bartenders.


All poetry, prose and pictures posted here, except where otherwise stated, is my own, and may only be used elsewhere with my expressed permission. Please don't be inhibited from correcting my bloopers and making suggestions: Most of what I post here is instant, ill-considered and off-the-cuff, in serious need of editing.
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22 Responses to All that Glitters

  1. Linda says:

    You wrote the poem well!!! But I agree, the “good ole” days were tough for some to live through! Many die even today for love and war…and it is always sad!

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  2. Kathe W. says:

    yes- I think the “good old days” really were not so great!


  3. Gillena Cox says:

    ah yes the other side of the ‘days of chivalry’ coin; have a nice Saturday

    much love…

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  4. I like how you have woven the reality of these times into the splendor. It always intrigues me when people would risk their lives for these things. The mentality seems so simple….that one would fight for something as trivial as entertainment. The romance is intertwined with the brutality.

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  5. Kathy Reed says:

    Life was callous, but to them it was a modern time comparatively; education and communication have changed all of that, but man’s plight is the same – he still looks for a fight or starts a war.


  6. ah, love the bits of romance peppered throughout… then the reality sets in of all that’s put to risk for such glory…

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  7. The Crusades weren’t all evil as all war is not evil. The Christians rose up to defend themselves agains an enemy that had been raping, beheading, and burning towns for almost 200 years. That is why it started. One has to defend themselves – sometimes that is what war is about. It is never pretty, I will give you that. Romanticism is definetily overplayed for this era, I agree. I can’t imagine the personal hygiene or the conditions in which they lived… Sigh – yes, winners and losers aplenty when it comes to war.


  8. Mary says:

    I think that your poem shows the contrast between the romantic and the reality (which we don’t often seem to think about).


  9. You have captured the energy of those times. Well done, Viv!


  10. I think you are right.. the ugliness of death permeated the chivalry… I hope that there where a few torneys that had a benign purpose .. but still you are probably right.. I love the cadence of this.. and a great form I haven’t tried.


  11. Well put. Knights are cool, but we really wouldn’t want to go back to that. Lovely poem.


  12. Sumana Roy says:

    nothing has changed much…the same old rivalry, bloodshed and glorifying…great lines

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  13. Yes.. it’s kind of nice that folks dance today.. instead of joust.. the worst that can usually happen is a bruised rear end.. when someone spills a drink and falls on slick….

    And football and supporting cheerleaders is definitely and improvement over life and death competition.. i suppose modern civilization does have something to offer nice as well..:)

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  14. kelly says:

    Yes, I think the same themes have followed us into modern times, though perhaps in more intellectual and less physical ways. We do tend to romanticize the past, and the legend of Camelot especially. It was as much about war as anything.

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  15. Gabriella says:

    I agree that we have a very romanticized vision of the Middle Ages. Very little was sweet and pleasant about those times. The crusades are only one example of numerous lives lost for nothing.

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  16. wolfsrosebud says:

    seems the old memories are always so sweet when, in fact, they weren’t… your work expressed that to the reader


  17. Misky says:

    I’ve always found it disconcerting that this era is so romanticised. It was brutal, and you point that out in your usual kindly way.

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  18. Marie Elena says:

    Such truth contained here, and your suitable title draws. Thank you Viv!

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  19. brian miller says:

    there is def the romantic side of this history…though me thinks we forget many of the difficulties and challenges, as we oft do as time passes…ha…yeah, i would not want to take a lance…or meet a plague without medicine….

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  20. claudia says:

    yeah – it truly was a dangerous time as well… though you know – we have people who lose as well today – and sometimes i wonder if it’s less brutal… not so much physically but…

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