Perpetual Sunday. Wordle 197


The clock is ticking
towards the day –
the hours are spread
to spend in any way that I desire
No need to race to work,
no host of tasks to perform
Still less, a  state of stress
no longer daily penance for living.

Retirement from the world of work
came to the rescue in good measure,
choice once more the order of the day.
My choice, to work in a different way,
more rewarding than wage slavery.
In all humility I can say
that the achievements of the elderly
are worth more than any salary.

You will find some brilliant interpretations of the Wordle words here


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23 Responses to Perpetual Sunday. Wordle 197

  1. MarinaSofia says:

    Wish I could retire right now! A great way to live and think, Viv.

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  2. C.C. says:

    This world has so much to offer and so little of it comes in the form of paid work….retirement work is something I am looking forward to with great anticipation!! Glad you are enjoying it so much 🙂

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  3. 1sojournal says:

    When my children were young, I didn’t work outside of the home and constantly craved time for myself and the things that most interested me. Later, when I was employed, although I liked what I was doing, I still craved that time for me. Now, I have it, and would probably slug anyone who tried to take it from me. I love what you’ve written and am in total and utter agreement, Viv,


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  4. catterel says:

    Seconded, most whole-heartedly 😀

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  5. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    I’m looking forward to retirement. However, I can’t afford to retire anytime soon, so I tell my students (only somewhat jokingly), “I plan to work until I keel over and die in the classroom.”

    Pilgrims Awhirl


  6. Susan Chast says:

    I don’t know when I had time for paid work–and back then I wondered how to have time for this. I am glad for the growth and change. A freedom well earned and Nicely captured in your poem.

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  7. Mary says:

    I think there is value in the work of people of any age. There are many people who ‘work’ magic long after they are retired. I am sure you are one of these people, Viv.


  8. Still engaged in wage work I have to enjoy both.. but the writing have certainly provided a motivation for that retirement that is getting closer.. I want to continue to enjoy both as long as I can.. well wordled.

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  9. Here here! Mind you, I actually do miss paid work!

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  10. brian miller says:

    i would agree with that…and our achievements are very different but of no less value….
    my grandmother is ‘trying out’ a home this weekend as she recovers…i really pray
    she makes a friend….

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  11. leamuse says:

    Bonne courage et bonne chance! Léa


  12. claudia says:

    it is wonderful when there is time to do the things we really want to do… my mom was working voluntarily in a home for elderly people once she was of work – just because that seemed a good thing to do for her and they really needed people that had time to spend with the patients there

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  13. Old Egg says:

    Retirement is great, I have spent years enjoying it!

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  14. jae rose says:

    Spending your time wisely and enjoying it is a wonderful thing to achieve..this piece sings with hope and optimism

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  15. tialys says:

    What a great advertisement for retirement! It sounds wonderful.

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