My (swearword) laptop is still sulking

I tried ‘system restore’ to before the destructive Windows Updates, but it won’t finish because of my anti-virus.  To turn off the firewall goes very much against the grain, so what should I do?  The weird thing is that I can get Internet Explorer on the laptop but Google Chrome refuses to start.  Google Chrome has all my favourites on it, so it is really infuriating

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20 Responses to 6-word-Saturday

  1. Suzy says:

    Hope your computer is behaving now. I must backup mine.

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  2. leamuse says:

    This sounds too familiar. My laptop is psychotic as it needs an application download to update. However, they won’t recognise my password or my email address…
    Bon courage et bonne chance!

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  3. Mlissabeth says:

    We are having that problem at our house, too.


  4. restlessjo says:

    Oh, nightmare! You live in hopes of this kind of thing not happening, Viv 😦 On the trip down to London I was having a hissy fit because mine wouldn’t work on the Grand Central network. I needed it for the event, so I can’t tell you how relieved I was when it was fine with the hotel’s system. Sorry- no hot tips from me 😦

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  5. middlegirl54 says:

    I could probably show but I absolutely can’t tell. Not at all helpful, I know. Hope the solution appears without too much more strife.


  6. Oh I feel your pain – that is exactly the sort of thing that usually happens to me if I try some kind of update. I’m crossing my fingers that a) it sorts itself out for you soon, and b) that my laptop carries on for a while longer without the need to change anything!

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  7. Fortunately I have a son who works for Microsoft. If I didn’t I wouldn’t know what to do!


  8. tialys says:

    Good luck Viv. I’m married to a computer type but he moved out of the technical field into management so he’s not so much use with the ‘hands on’ stuff now.

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  9. Gillena Cox says:

    oh dear; hope you have those glitches corrected soon; have a nice Saturday

    much love…

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  10. When you have it running again, you might want to try out Symbaloo.com, Viv. You can store all your favorites there, and use it in any browser. Good luck with the laptop, wish I could help you out.

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  11. vivinfrance says:

    And now WP wants me to log in time after time. I’m going for a nap and praying that it sorts itself out.


  12. Ron. says:

    Like so many others who spend much time at the keyboard, the technical aspects are (almost) totally beyond me. I usually go running for My Beloved Sandra, who can usually straighten things out.

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  13. cecilia says:

    wish i could send you my computer man.. sorry i am so useless with these things.. sounds awful.. c

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