Ekphrastic Tanka


Planned obsolescence
leaves entrancing detritus
as inspiration
for imaginative art –
junk you lose and heads you win.

 dVerse Poetics today introduces us to the art of Nick Gentry who uses outdated objects such as old floppy disks, and exposed film to create some outstanding paintings.

Capture, 2014
Film negatives and resin on a glass panel
by Nick Gentry, whose blog you will find here

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23 Responses to Ekphrastic Tanka

  1. grapeling says:

    really clever, and I admire the final line especially – the connection of junk – trunk – tails (to me) as counterpoint to ‘heads you win’ ~


  2. Wow, that’s impressive. Upcycling at its best.


  3. To upgrade.. To upgrade.. To upgrade.. is the American way.. of all things bought and sold…
    AND with Wal-mart and slave like Labor.. the next cheap wave of goods is always on its way..while garage becomes garbage!..:)

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  4. I love that you used a Tanka and did so so effectively.We have seen the effects of planned obsolescence, haven’t we?


  5. Mary says:

    Clever, Viv! If only the junk of life could be easily lost & the head would always win. Smiles!!


  6. lynn__ says:

    You really had fun with this one, Viv 🙂


  7. Oh well done….that last line is spectacular.


  8. Sabio Lantz says:

    That last line is hilarious — well played !


  9. That is so clever, Viv and in form, too!


  10. billgncs says:

    like the twist at the end


  11. Misky says:

    Ties in nicely with your no plastic challenge!


  12. Grace says:

    That last line of the tanka is so clever and a nod to the artist’s creative use of junk & obsolete media ~ Thanks for playing along and wishing you Happy New Year ~

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  13. wolfsrosebud says:

    chuckled at that last line


  14. “junk you lose and heads you win.” Great play on words, and pretty much expresses this artist’s work in one phrase. Well done.


  15. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Clever, specific, rant yet paean to the past, as we are propelled into an uncertain throbbing future. Always like your voice & POV; nice ride, perfect take on the artwork.


  16. claudia says:

    junk you lose and heads you win… so true… there even is a word for it… upcycling… smiles
    loving his artwork

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Indeed.. with creativity the obsolescence can make sense… that a great win 🙂

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  18. brian miller says:

    or in this case, junk you could win…
    because he does some amazing things with junk…
    like the play on heads you win…

    Liked by 1 person

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