Our Challenge for January

I can’t change the order of this, but please read my daughter’s blog post at the bottom of this before reading the poem.   This is so important, and I applaud the efforts of my family to do something about the problem.



Here is my poem written last year, and even more valid now:

A red-letter day – the parliament of the Sea Creatures

Hear ye, hear ye,
the trumpet fish waved his long snout
The Boss is anxious to sort things out.
He’s calling a meeting of all you chaps
to right a few wrongs, so perhaps
you would kindly make your way
to the barrier reef
at eighteen degrees South
by one four eight East
at half past four on Sunday week.
At the appointed hour
you should have seen the throng:
of whales and sharks and lion fish
with cod and hake and herring;
anemones and sea slugs
sea cucumbers and angel fish,
awakened coral, fighting shy of parrot fish –
1it should have been a disaster
but I quelled them with one Godly look.
We’re here to talk, not nibble
you can quibble after. I’m having my say,
and what I say goes.
We need to keep a balance
of species and varieties,
so you must control your appetites.
Give and be given, live and let live.

It’s those blasted humans
who’re spoiling the ocean for us –
whose greed and careless waste
cause death, pollution and worse.
That’s what we’re here to discuss.
Mutter mutter, argy bargy,
piffle, waffle, and baloney –
after hours of fruitless discussion ,
the God’s expression stony,
he came to momentous decision.

What I propose is to intervene
with the Gods of storms and weather,
but most of all with the human race
To work together, clean up our act
to save us all this bother.
‘Twas soon agreed by one and all
that it was worth a try:
the case was taken to Zeus and won –
unique in unanimity.

Northumberland and Beyond

Plastics in the oceans ends up as beach litter on the Turks and Caicos Islands Plastics in the oceans ends up as beach litter on the Turks and Caicos Islands

The family challenge from tomorrow is to live without plastics for a month then try to maintain a low plastic existence thereafter.  To be more accurate we will avoid all single use plastics (otherwise no computer, phone, car, TV etc.).  This includes recyclable plastics too as recycling isn’t really a solution to the problem.  If you do look at recycling marks on plastics then it’s amazing how many are not even recyclable (particularly composite materials).  We are doing this with two of Duncan’s work colleagues and documenting some of it on a separate blog: goingplasticfree.  Why?  Well look at the why page on that blog!

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4 Responses to Our Challenge for January

  1. This really is so important, Viv. Thank you, for sharing this and your poem, too. ♥


  2. julespaige says:

    It is difficult to live with out certain plastics. Some clothing is made with plastic, but I guess they would fall into the multiple use category. When we were away in the Florida Keys, we took to picking up some of the litter we found on the beaches. It is sad when people can’t consider what their waste will do. We also have installed in our sink a water filter so we don’t have to buy bottled water. But then our water isn’t as bad as other locations that have hard water issues.

    I also enjoyed your poem. Thanks for stopping by, and the best to you and yours for this New Year.

    I wish them the best in that challenge. I read of another challenge that suggested one try not to spend any money for a week. I think I might try that too since we have a good stock of (food stuff) things. It would be good to use what we have before it goes bad or the expiration dates are reached.


  3. restlessjo says:

    Definitely not an easy thing to do but I applaud them for trying. Your quilting might be easier! 🙂


  4. we see so much plastic litter and clear it up when we can. its a real problem. well done your family


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