Christmas indulgence digested – now for Hogmanay


The scales have gone on strike
after an elegant but copious Christmas lunch with French friends.

You can just see the camelia in all its glory through the window
then there will be a lull before another vast French meal on New Year’s Day.

Happy New Year

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19 Responses to 6-word-saturday

  1. Jim says:

    First off, Viv, I am sorry you don’t have Christmas crackers. We did have some as we ate with our ex-London daughter and family (they came home July 16). BP is home as well, she is finishing her last year of high school in London, see http://jimmiehov.blogspot.com. Next year we might come to Scotland for as she has been ‘accepted’ at the University of Edinburgh. (Perhaps not affordable though.)
    Look at this!!! Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 2014/15 Home, http://www.edinburghshogmanay.org/ Official site for Edinburgh’s New Year celebrations, featuring event listings, and a gallery.

    I have never experienced a Hogmanay, I think at least one would be fun.
    Oh yes, our scales aren’t in hiding but they are telling lies and things I don’t want to hear. 🙂


  2. Karen S. says:

    I was thinking, even before reading your post, that it looked lovely out your window, very pretty and also your table is beautiful as are all the other festive decorations!


  3. Tonya Jastad says:

    What a lovely setting for you and your friends. Wishing you many such happy gatherings in 2015!

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  4. Mlissabeth says:

    What a pretty table! I am sure the food was wonderful.


  5. restlessjo says:

    It looks so warm and inviting! Happy New Year to you and the family, Viv 🙂
    Don’t they have Christmas crackers in France, then? Not chique enough?


  6. gillena says:

    Happy Holidays

    much love…


  7. Judy says:

    Holidays are all about the food! Enjoy!


  8. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    The scales have a mind of their own? 😉

    Shadowy Six Words


  9. Ron. says:

    No idea HOW I never heard “Hogmanay” before; had to look it up. My Beloved Sandra, when I told her, just clucked her tongue at my ignorance. Live it up, V!


  10. catterel says:

    Bon ap! Looks most inviting.


  11. tialys says:

    Surely you must have been the host and not your French friends – I spy Christmas crackers!!


  12. A very happy New Year, Viv. And your words made me grin. Very nice photos!


  13. Romi says:

    Happy New Year!


  14. The French really know how to do it! Sitting around the table with French friends remains one of my treasured memories of the years I lived in France.


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