Wordle 188 Those Were the Days

Twelve words spill from my inbox every Sunday morning, old ones, new ones, loved ones, neglected ones. Is anyone out there old enough to remember, or has Alberto Semprini been forgotten?  Each Sunday on the old Light Programme of the BBC, those honeyed words of the pianist/composer introduced an hour of light classical music for our delight .  We children gathered round the radio, hearts a-flutter, for some special moments.  For more than 25 years, Semprini Serenade was the lynchpin of Sunday early-evening broadcasting.

Important though music always was in our lives, weekends were also full of comedic treats:  from ITMA through Much Binding in the Marsh to Take It From Here and the zany Goon Show, with the brilliant Peter Sellars, Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe et al.  My parents could never understand the show, but took the decision that laughter was therapeutic, and so we were allowed to listen.   There was much that was miserable about those grey post-war years, but Dad was resolute that we should enjoy everything life had to offer.

It wasn’t only at the weekend that the radio was our focus:  at 5pm after school, Children’s Hour, introduced by Uncle Mac, entertained little ones with Toytown with Larry the Lamb and Mister Growser, or Noddy in Toyland, and bigger ones with classic serials.  I can’t forget the enchantment of serial stories such as Noel Streatfield’s Swish of the Curtain, or the pirouettes of young Posey, in Ballet Shoes.

Homework done, we were allowed to stay up for the classic serials on the Home Service. Dickens, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte and other dramatisations sent us to the bookshelves to find the original books.  But at 9pm sharp it was off to bed, with no argument.

I suspect that you may find some more poetic, less nostalgic writings at Brenda’s Sunday Whirl

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18 Responses to Wordle 188 Those Were the Days

  1. DELL CLOVER says:

    Well done, though I have no recollection of radio shows.

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  2. Ah this brought back memories of other shows.. of those radio shows that sent you into fantasy words.. (also those that left me sleepless in nightmares) .. The one with “the hound of Baskervilles” left me filled with fear of the dark… hmm yes Radio is great for fantasies.


  3. Carrie says:

    Oh yes I remember all of those! And Mrs Dale’s Diary, Worker’s Playtime, Billy Cotton Band-show, Round the Horn, and many more. And Saturday evening with In Town Tonight – unmistakable theme music. The ritual of household silence during the evening news, the end of which featured not infrequent ’emergency’ announcements along the lines of: “Would Dr and Mrs So and So, known to be travelling in Devonshire please call Whitehall 1212 as a matter of some urgency.” That blasted Scotland Yard telephone number remains firmly embedded in my memory; and it must be 50years or more since it morphed into an all digit number! (Wish I could remember with such clarity what I just went upstairs for! 🙂 )


  4. Wonderful use of the wordle, Viv! I enjoyed taking the trip down memory lane with you.


  5. oldegg says:

    I too listened to the BBC in those post war years and the whole family used to gather round to hear the latest part in the weekly thriller serial where the studio team would create sound effects to put us into the picture. ‘War of the worlds’ was one that still stands out in my mind.


  6. Gillena Cox says:

    such a lovely walk down memory lane; have a god Sunday

    much love…


  7. 1sojournal says:

    My love of radio can be found in the music that has always played a major part in my existence. I really like your nostalgic piece and how you truly brought that time period to life for your reader. Great write, Viv,



  8. Thanks for the visit back to the days of radio. My parents were careful as to what we listened to – no “Jack Armstrong” or “Terry and the Pirates” but reluctantly allowed “The Lone Ranger.”

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    • Mine too: we weren’t allowed to listen to Dick Barton, Special Agent – whose theme tune was the exciting Devil’s Ride. It was irritating to us, because all our friends would discuss it as school and we hadn’t a clue what they were on about!


  9. drpkp says:

    Ahhh … I know nothing of these days – however your time-piece with words whirling throughout was a delicious introduction and delectable treat.


  10. kaykuala h says:

    This brings lots of memories. Often one remembers the ones related to laughters and these linger on to adulthood. Thanks for the memory Viv!



  11. catterel says:

    Thanks for the memories, Viv. The theme tunes of many of those childhood programmes are still playing in my brain – I fell asleep last night with Educating Archie ringing in my inner ear! (And what a strange idea to have a ventriloquist on the radio!)

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  12. Bastet says:

    Reading this brought back some of my own great memories … and it reminded me of Radio Days too … I really enjoyed reading your memories (I have a collection of old radio shows which I’ve downloaded from Internet Archives which I enjoy listening to from time to time) … I was just saying the other day to my husband how it was the norm for kids to go to bed at 9 … not like it so often happens now days when kids (at least in Italy) don’t go to bed before midnight!


    • Our normal bedtime was 7.00 on weekdays, 8.00 at the weekend, but I used to read with a torch under the bedclothes for half the night!


      • Bastet says:

        Well … when I was around 8 that was my bedtime … weekends longer of course … the problem was in the summer with daylight savings time .. it was such a pain to be in bed whilst the sun was still up! The bedtime eventually was raised to 9 … so guess it’s no surprise that now I’m an early riser and I start to nod at around 9.


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