OctPo Day 16 – Once Upon a Time

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Once upon a roller coaster
don’t get off until it stops.


Once upon a downhill path
take your feet from the pedals
and enjoy the ride.


Once upon a good idea
grab it while it’s there.
Write it down before it goes
or your brain will forget it.


Once upon your heart’s desire
sweeten him with poetry.
tend him, love him,
live happily ever after.



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8 Responses to OctPo Day 16 – Once Upon a Time

  1. Ron. says:

    Once upon a roll, keep ’em coming, V!


  2. Oh, I like this, Viv…the stanza openers, “once upon a, ” that’s rather a fun way to move through a poem…I might try this sometime. 🙂 Thank you!


  3. Fida says:

    I love your little twist with once upon a time!!


  4. Great advice! Loved the way you played with the prompt.:)


  5. A funny way to wind up the prompt..Good one Viv 🙂


  6. Bastet says:

    That’s the way to write it … love the humour! 🙂


  7. gretyllhus says:

    All good advice. Unfortunately, I never did find the last one. And I no longer ride roller coasters!


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