OctPoWriMo day 6 – Imperfect Tanka

Square Dance’ made by ViV Blake
Faultless hand sewn quilts
are impossible to find –
an uneven stitch
identifies the maker
as a fallible human


For today’s poem we are asked to think about perfection.  More interpretations here:

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10 Responses to OctPoWriMo day 6 – Imperfect Tanka

  1. I love this reminder of the importance of accepting imperfection. Perhaps you’ve heard of Amish quilters? I’ve read that they make sure there is some small mistake in their quilts just to remind them that they aren’t perfect.

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  2. Lita says:

    A short poem that speaks great truth. Enjoyed this.


  3. Fida says:

    I enjoyed this little piece. It gives the vibe that imperfection brings humbleness. That a quilt piece will feel more homey and homemade than store bought.

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  4. zoebyrd says:

    an infallible human charm is then added isnt it? Wow, you made that!

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  5. There’s deep wisdom in this one. To play with it:

    Faultless lives
    are impossible to find –
    an uneven stitch
    identifies the maker
    as human

    (Not to steal your poem, it means that it invites me to think more and play more).


  6. restlessjo says:

    I’d be very proud to have produced it, Viv! It’s lovely 🙂 And there’s not much wrong with the poem either.


  7. And also makes them unique.

    That’s a fabulous quilt and I won’t hear a word said against it!

    Spud has his on his uni bed and TB has his on his new bed with Tory Girl. Mine is always over the back of the couch (Molly thinks it’s hers and gets the hump if she wants it and I don’t) and the Hub’s is on the bed.

    WE are all fans of your quilts – and quilting! Spud was home this weekend and stole one of the older oven gloves you made for me.


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