A tragic Wordle, No. 177


A girl child with flowing locks
and skinny limbs
chased a ball with glee.
Running and rolling,
she was thrust from the cliff.
Like a bullet, she rose,
against gravity’s pull,
then dropped to the edge of eternity.

Across a dismal landscape
meandering horses
half-starved, skeletal,,
browse the straggly plants.
As though at a signal,
they turn as one by the cliff
and wander off
to graze another spot
oblivious to tragedy.

I don’t usually write such depressing poetry, but the word dismal started me off.  I’m sure there will be more cheerful offerings at the Sunday Whirl, from whence cometh Wordles.

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19 Responses to A tragic Wordle, No. 177

  1. Bastet says:

    A sad and tragic story … is it a make-up story or a real story. In any case well written. Interesting how you bring to fore the way that the world (horses) just keeps doing what it does obliviious of human tragedy.


  2. rosross says:

    Excellent work.


  3. OK, not the cheeriest thing I’ve read today but a well rounded tale none the less. 🙂


  4. T Hoover says:

    Viv- Both dismal and bullets did me in. I like B Youngs observations.


  5. 1sojournal says:

    We are foolish to think we must always write something light and refreshing. The fact that the word grabbed you and wouldn’t let go is, to me, a sign that you are a serious writer. Who else would spend so much time wrestling with the words, finding a way to express what they make us feel and think? That aside, I really like this poem Viv, it trembles with feeling.



  6. It seemed this wordle took a dismal turn for many. But, that said, well-written.


  7. Misky says:

    Oh dear. This so reminds me of Beachy Head.


  8. What a tragic tale; you tackled the subject with such tenderness. It has a special resonance for me living as I do close to infamous cliff, Beachy Head where such events occur far too often.


  9. seingraham says:

    I hear you Viv…it doesn’t take much to pull me to the dark side and dismal was an easy sell. Yours is wonderfully apt, I must say…I agree with Barbara…the parallelism between the cliffs in both stanzas is good…but I wouldn’t force it any more than it is now…



  10. Pamela says:

    Viv, yes, this is unlike you, though it does read beautifully. Sometimes, you have to go where the words take you. I did this week. I have been keeping track of the world and it is so damn depressing.

    Pamela ox


  11. Oh wow, Viv! You should be dismal more often. One of your best.


  12. kaykuala says:

    and wander off
    to graze another spot
    oblivious to tragedy.

    One has to take account of what is committed and what needs to be done. Change is inevitable and best to progress ahead and forget what adverse happenings that had occurred. Wonderful write Viv!



  13. jae rose says:

    I think there is also a tenderness…particularly the horses almost going in reverence to the spot where she fell…as Old Egg says we sometimes have to write what comes…and this reads beautifully


  14. oldegg says:

    It would quite inappropriate to always post sugary false writing when there is a voice within you saying “write this”.


  15. b_young says:

    Isn’t it odd, the way sometimes a word will get its teeth into you, and try as you will you can’t move in any other direction? I like the parallel structure you gave this. eternity/tragedy. cliff is in the same place (or close enough) in both stanzas. A little tinkering, and you could…nah. Let the rest of your day be more cheerful, Viv.


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