My heart beat is … for dVerse, Your Own Beat

My Heart Beat is

irregular, which causes some concern
hence came my first bionic implants,
springs to keep the plumbing free.
Alas the syncopation turned
into a slow rubato, with a spondee
anapest or worse, full stop.

More electronic gadgetry’s
inserted in my chest and wired
with cunning to kindle activity.
And now two new contraptions come
to bring dynamics to the party
with sound effects of clarity

Fortissimo, pianissimo,
of music sweet or hearty
Percussive beat can now be heard
though I’m not sure I want to.
I jest, because I’m quite content
to find the beat goes on.

At  dVerse  they are talking about beat in all its guises, which caused me to jot a list of relevant words:  Rhythm, beat, frequency, regularity or syncopation, caesura or smooth legato. The mood of smooth iambics or anapest, dactyl or spondee.  Someone commented on my comment  about my new hearing aids “You can hear the ants cough” which got me writing.  The poem is mostly in iambic tetrameter, with the stresses in bold type.  Now I can go and read what the others have done.






All poetry, prose and pictures posted here, except where otherwise stated, is my own, and may only be used elsewhere with my expressed permission. Please don't be inhibited from correcting my bloopers and making suggestions: Most of what I post here is instant, ill-considered and off-the-cuff, in serious need of editing.
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24 Responses to My heart beat is … for dVerse, Your Own Beat

  1. Love your beats, Viv!


  2. Colleen says:

    I like the bold emphasis on beat. My heart is a spring looking for the right tension.


  3. Well done! Great writing; you are so creative. 🙂


  4. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:

    Enjoyable poem, and the beat you’ve marked is how I would have read it anyway. 🙂


  5. I love how you’ve incorporated the rhythm theme in here as well. It was fun to follow your beat! 🙂


  6. Pitch perfect for the prompt, may the beat go on for a very long time!


  7. Susan says:

    Love, love, Love going with the beat, happy too that the beat goes on.


  8. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Love your complex fascinating poem, & your take on the prompt is flawless; like your friend’s comment about the hearing aids, “now you can hear the ants cough”, let’s add to that hearing the grass grow, the paint dry, the mice sigh, the tomatoes thickening, the dandelions gossiping, the garter snakes hissing, the cupid on the fountain one block away pissing; a terrific poem; thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Oh aren’t you clever! You are hardly a “boob” – I didn’t mean to make folks work much on today’s challenge but you took the idea and Wow…from the first line – irregularities of the beat. You carried the idea down to the bass beat line – mixing trochees with iambs and anapests – there are definitely down beats carrying the life line. Even though this is the story of medical invasions, going bionic, there is such verve, optimism and joie de vivre running all the way through. Kudos!


  10. I agree with Mary. Your poem ” illustrates the rhythm of life!” I love the way you tied poetry terms, medical terms and music terms together to show the beat. You have a great attitude!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Sumana Roy says:

    I love the wit & humor that you see life with..hope the loud youths don’t give you much pain…


  12. Mary says:

    Excellent, Viv! I think this is my favorite poem for this prompt. Smiles. It shows the importance of the beat, illustrates the rhythm of life! May the beat go on….for a long time to come!


  13. I find the cyborg development quite amazing.. as long as it keeps those grey matters unconnected and free to think.. love the beat here.. You have made it even easier to read.. I need to be as versatile as you are with that beat..


  14. brian miller says:

    you are the bionic poet….smiles…its pretty amazing the things they can do to keep that beat going on…and hey its to our blessing as well…i can hear your rhythm as i read


  15. claudia says:

    blessed be those medical aids that help us when our organs for whatever reason don’t do how they shouldn’t anymore… smiles… and maybe a little percussive beat every once and a while is not that bad at all…smiles


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