flower tub

It’s been a funny old week

of weather:  our friend’s 70th birthday party last Sunday was blessed with a glorious sunny day for the lively and eclectic mixture of family and friends from Britain, France, the US and Canada.  The food was wonderful and the Seriously Sinful Chocolate Cake went down well. Since then we’ve had some serious rain, hot sunshine and showers.  The tail end of hurricane Bertha is due to hit us tomorrow, somewhat tamed by its long crossing of the Atlantic.

World news gets ever more horrendous.  Why would Obama think that an air strike will “prevent genocide” in Gaza?  More killing to stop killing?  I don’t think so.  Can nothing be done to bring peace?

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21 Responses to 6-word-saturday

  1. Romi says:

    I am praying for world peace.
    In fact, August is the month when people in Japan pray for peace.
    August 6, 1945 –the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, August 9, 1945 — the atomic bomb in Nagasaki, and August 15, 1945, Japan finally surrendered to the Allies, and World War II ended.
    We cannot change what has already happened, but we can learn from history so that we will not repeat the same things.


    • The only justification for all the commemmoration is so that we learn from the mistakes of the past.


      • rosross says:

        It is easy to be depressed about how little we have learned from all of this remembering and there are times when I think forgetting might be healthier as it is in a psychological sense for individuals, or at least processing well enough so that one has no further need to remember, but, it also needs to be remembered that for all of the constant presence of war there are still more people on a percentage basis living with greater quality of life and more freedom than at any other time in history. We have realised women are equal as human beings even if we still have a long way to go. We have realised that the mentally and physically disabled should be heard. We have realised that human rights matter even though we are often selective in where we allow them to be applied.

        So we are learning, albeit slowly.


  2. McGuffy Ann says:

    Not all Americans like, respect, or agree with Obama. He is not the “hero” many think he is.


  3. Kathe W. says:

    The world is being led by the wrong people. The rest of us suffer because of their stupidity and lack of concern for the innocents.


    • How do we change that? We can only vote for those who put themselves up for it.


      • rosross says:

        We can change it by recognising that the greatest power is people power and in the age of the internet, that power can be harnessed more effectively.

        While it is easier to disseminate propaganda in this age, it is also easier to discredit it as we have seen demonstrated recently with Palestine where the poor buggers locked in the Gaza prison, where 50% of the population are children, with bombs dropping on them can send out images, videos, articles, poems and words about their suffering. The irony is that they can do this courtesy of Israeli servers which, because Occupied Palestine and Israel are so small, are impossible to control for the Palestinians and crucial for Israel’s survival, as it is for any nation today.

        People power ended apartheid in South Africa and it is mobilising again to end occupation, colonisation and apartheid by Israel.

        Once that is done then I am sure there will be many injustices to which people power can be turned.


    • rosross says:

      The world has always been led by those driven by power and profit. If anything that is a little less than it was. The problem in this day and age is that those driven by power and profit have massive and deadly armaments a their disposal which are the source of yet more profit.


  4. Judy says:

    No news would be good news!


  5. Karen S. says:

    Weather can be so fickle! I’m happy the birthday celebrations were wonderful. Enjoy this week ahead and hopefully some beautiful weather!


  6. We too are battening down the hatches for Bertha’s back-side! Think I’ll stay in and eat some seriously sinful chocolate cake


  7. Suzy says:

    The seriously sinful chocolate cake sounds yummy. Love the picture – such a cheery one. btw the air strikes are for Iraq not Gaza.


    • I’m an idiot. But he did say the strike was to prevent genocide, which is totally illogical.


      • rosross says:

        Yes, it was Iraq and they were, attacking ISIS, which, when you read up on it seems to be backed by the CIA and others. Sigh. So much meddling and all in the name of war not peace.

        And yes, killing to ‘prevent’ genocide where you are participating in a genocide is oxymoronic.

        But then any reasonable study of history shows that when nations claim to be fighting war for peace they are pretty much lying because they are always fighting to serve their own interests.


  8. judyt54 says:

    I am deliberately one of the least-informed people out there, when it comes to war, politics, and all the fiddly bits in between. I prefer to worry about things that I can do something about: weather, daylight savings time, the phases of the moon. And if you wait long enough, all of them change. The rest only change nations and names, nothing else.

    and Viv, that photo of the flowers is just delightful. Inspires me to Do Something like that for next year.


  9. Ron. says:

    Oy. Don’t get my pacifist rant started, Viv. I’m glad your party went well, though, and that the weather’s been, well, at least tolerable. Any cake left? I could send you my address….


  10. arushiahuja says:

    indeed a strange week by the looks of it!! i just hope the airstrike doesnt happen… m not sure whats wrong with these men at the top… theyre acting really foolish!!


  11. rosross says:

    The maddest people seem to be in politics and in power. How anyone can believe that war is a problem-solving mechanism is beyond reason.

    It is even more insane when Israel uses it to maintain occupation of Palestine. Why are the Palestinians imprisoned in Gaza firing primitive and largely symbolic rockets? Because they are imprisoned in Gaza which is a part of Occupied Palestine which is held under Israeli military and colonial rule. The fact that ending the occupation would end the rockets and the injustice never seems to occur to them. Or if it does they don’t care enough about justice to act.

    And Obama and his drones equates with some of the worst war crimes in history because he actively chooses who to assassinate, knowing civilians will die at the same time.

    It beggars belief that anyone can think this is either sane or acceptable. My rant. But yes, not just a funny week but a funny world – well, more hysterical funny really.


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