We’ve been on a bender for a week at the dVerse Poets’ Pub, to celebrate its 3rd anniversary.  The final prompt of the week is about what life at the pub means to us.
I’ve already posted twice today, but what the heck, I have to join in this one to show my appreciation of all that the hosts and bar staff do for us.

Motivator, accelerator
stimulator, educator
communicator, resonator,
I’ve run out of tors
to describe the community
which is the dVerse Poets’

of good conversation,
prompts and wisdom,
not to mention

All this keeps us writing
and reading
and enjoying
our Pub.


All poetry, prose and pictures posted here, except where otherwise stated, is my own, and may only be used elsewhere with my expressed permission. Please don't be inhibited from correcting my bloopers and making suggestions: Most of what I post here is instant, ill-considered and off-the-cuff, in serious need of editing.
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19 Responses to Publife

  1. thehutts says:

    You’ve certainly been inspired by the current round of prompts – I am enjoying reading all your efforts 🙂 Sally


  2. rmp says:

    perfectly said! the pub definitely works to bring out the creator in all that walk through its doors.


  3. Nice introspection.


  4. Sumana Roy says:

    how very true…


  5. Exactly as you said! Well put indeed!


  6. Pat Hatt says:

    As long as fun is had many will sure keep on coming to the dVerse pad


  7. MarinaSofia says:

    Great choice of tors – and do you know that ‘Tor’ is a gate in German? (also a goal in football, but never mind that). So I like the thought of us all gathering at the gates of something new and beautiful…


  8. Susan says:

    YES! Just so.


  9. What a whirlwind – I’m still hanging out on the lawn — debauched in Italy. How did they get back to the pub that soon?! Well it has been fun and all the better for your having been there. Here’s to you pal…it isn’t the same without you!


  10. on a bender – made me smile -wonderful glimpse of the community of poets at the Pub — K


  11. Well..ya think this ball Overall!reAlly is a word i think i’ve traveled 5000 or so..along the curves of poetry..since days ago..i cannot even remember how many at this point..but in general yes..a natural..totally natural high is poetry for i keep curving to the bend..
    and nah..driving curved sober!no sidewalks or straight roads for me!in poETRY!


  12. Jeff says:

    Reading, socializing–and certainly FUN! Nice thoughts here, well-written!


  13. most definitely… dverse has played a role in my becoming a better writer


  14. Love it, Viv. And we are all all of those things you describe–don’t you think? I learn so much from reading.


  15. brian miller says:

    it is the conversation…the back and forth ban-tor (there is a tor for you) that i love…the interaction….and in that i find some of the greatest learning….of, hoping there is no poetry hang over after that bender…haha


  16. claudia says:

    ha – i like your tors and i love a place that combines learning with fun – and meeting so many cool people – whew – here’s to many more years of enjoying our pub


  17. Poet Laundry says:

    “on a bender” made me lol. Thanks for sharing your voice Viv–I echo your sentiments!


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