Fête de Saint Pierre

Day 15 at Poetic Bloomings suggests that we “Pick a traditional event and place yourself into the fray. Or make up an event and be as outlandish as you want. Limber up, give your best effort and go for the gold.”  Well, you can’t get much more traditional than our biennial village carnival for the Fête de Saint Pierre, on the nearest Sunday to quatorze juillet (Bastille Day)

In January we decide the theme;
each element is given to a team
then starts the head-scratching
when fantasy designs are hatching
for four fantastic floats.

are refined
the hard work begins
to adorn our chateau with princess and prince.
Through winter cold
twists of bright crèpe paper are rolled
and glued onto painted board
all working in supreme accord.
The nights shorten, panic grows
as fête approaches. Will our chateau
be ready?  Will weather be kind?

Sunday dawns dark and wet
the hour approaches, gloomy, yet
at the sound of music the sky clears
as it always has in earlier years
and with a drumroll the parade begins.

Carneval 2014 3rd float, Chinon carneval 2014 back of 2nd float, Tintin Carneval 2014 3rd band carneval 2014 back of 1st float, Chenonceau Carneval 2014 4th float, ours, Michel left  Carneval 2014 2nd float carneval 2014 1st float comes throughcarneval 2014 1st float bevy of beauty

Carneval 2014 by night closeup of our float Our float  lit up for the torchlight retreat

There were lots of pix of preparations on my 6-word-Saturday

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9 Responses to Fête de Saint Pierre

  1. Wonderful, as always!


  2. restlessjo says:

    Hooray for the sunshine! 🙂
    The floats are absolutely brilliant this year, Viv. What a shame to dismantle them!


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