6 word Saturday

 Family, friends, fun – a great trip

 in the extreme Northeast of England and home to splendid sunshine.  Keilder reservoir Keilder Water

I can thoroughly recommend the “special assistance” service at Rennes, Southampton and Newcastle airports.  The staff are ever-smiling and helpful,
the wheelchairs are (mostly) the latest model, and the speedy security process very welcome on a complicated journey.

High spots of the visit included watching my grandson in a rowing 8 on the river Tyne (no photo – I hadn’t yet bought my new pocket camera), watching  Ospreys through the telescopes at Leaplish and on the live camera feed (provided by the Forestry Commission) in the café at Keilder Castle.

Ducks and Drakes osprey watch live cam in Keilder Castle cafe

Catching up with a good friend from these parts who now lives near Durham.
And my favourite study buddy  Laughing Housewife Tillybud came on the train to Durham, all the way from Stockport for a few hours of fun and laughter.  It was a real treat

Linda and friend Linda pouring tea in Durham Cathedral

Entrance at Durham
Entrance to Durham Castle

durham cathedral
Durham Cathedral

There’s no photography allowed inside, but I could have spent all day there – there is so much to see, including a huge lego model in progress at £1 to lay a brick, to fund restoration work:Lego cathedral 2I am slowly coming to terms with the new laptop, but everything seems to take twice as long while I am feeling my way.  The touch screen is spectacular, if only I knew what all the little icons meant!

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25 Responses to 6 word Saturday

  1. It was wonderful seeing you xxxxxxx


  2. Karen S. says:

    It would be wonderful to tour that castle! What a perfect trip you had.


  3. Judy says:

    What a wonderful trip!


  4. Tonya Jastad says:

    Lovely photos Viv! Looks like you had a fun filled trip! Wishing you luck with the new computer too…


  5. Jim says:

    🙂 Liking your ‘visit’ post, Viv. Yes, those special helps people are wonderful. I used them once after a fall in Ireland when coming home with a broken knee cap after a bloody fall (still broken, we didn’t fix it). Your new camera seems to be working very nicely, it take nice pictures.

    I hope you get to know your new computer better and better each day. I only use the apps icon page for getting to the Desktop which is the old Windows Explorer page. And for shutting down. I think you said it had Windows 8.1. If only 8 then you can get the 8.1 modification free. It is a lot more user friendly. Adobe Acrobat isn’t so user friendly as for me it only will come up using an app.
    Also I have a book to use, “Windows 8.1 For Seniors For Dummies” by Peter Weverka. Mine came from the library but Amazon[dot]com is selling it for $24.99 $16.66 U.S. There is another by Andy Rathbone for 12¢ more and includes a CD. I won’t vouch for mine because I haven’t had to use it much. I thought it might help with the apps, I think it will.

    Your U.K. airports are nice. We have a new terminal at Heathrow for our International. We just missed its opening by a few days coming back to Texas. I like your train stations too, we used Milton Keynes (transfer and also stopped overnight on return from Wales to visit friends at Towcester), Shrewsbury (rented a car there for Wales visit) Birmingham, Northampton, and London Euston and London Victoria on this May’s month-long visit. U.K. has kept them well, our U.S. has closed most of ours. No station anymore in Houston (4th largest city in U.S.) but you catch the train that comes about every other day on the tracks near the old station.
    I’m still on holiday from 6WS but I do have a few newer ‘poems’ for what they are on my Jim’s Little Photo and Poem Place blog.


    • Jim, you are a life-saver. Can you tell me what the ‘old’ Windows Explorer icon looks like? I haven’t yet managed to find out how to a) shut down and b) search for programmes. At the moment I have to keep a Word doc open permanently at the bottom to be able to find Word! It is Windows 8.1 so far as I know. I’ll try and get the Dummies book from Amazon.fr.

      My little camera’s not bad for smallest/cheapest I could find – I wanted one that would go in a pocket, as the big one is too awkward to handle when I’m using my sticks..

      I love trains and stations (apart from the filthy Gare St Lazare in Paris), and am glad you found the UK ones good. We used to live in Birmingham, and I have a great fondness for it.

      Now I must get supper, having been idle all day soaking up sunshine in the so-called garden.


  6. Wonderful pictures! Glad you were able to get a new laptop while there…although a learning curve, it sounds like you are doing good with it!


  7. Kathe W. says:

    what a lovely time you had! Thanks for sharing it with us!


  8. What a great trip that sounds like, but what a shame about the weather.


  9. fiza @ I'll Read Till I Drop says:

    Sounds like you had a great time and love the photo’s. Too bad you weren’t allowed to shoot some inside, would have loved to see what it looked like inside 🙂


  10. Romi says:

    It really sounds like a great trip.
    The castle is beautiful.


  11. Ron. says:

    Jealous! Travel. Tilly. Castle. Cathedral. Legos. Laptop. What’s not to covet?


  12. Waqar Ahmed says:

    UK is my favorite country and I hope I will visit this place soon ..


  13. Misky says:

    Welcome home, Viv! We returned home last night.



  14. sounds like a truly lovely visit you had.


  15. restlessjo says:

    So glad you had a lovely time, Viv! How could you not? Sorry we didn’t meet up this visit but your weather was decidedly better than ‘ours’. Home safe with Jock again with a load of lovely memories. What could be finer? Have a good weekend!


  16. Suzy says:

    Love your 6 words and sounds like you had a great trip. How cool to meet up with a fellow blogger. Thanks for sharing.


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