KeilderGallinipper is’s word of the day –

1. Informal. any of various insects that sting or bite, especially a large American mosquito, Psorophora ciliata.

Gallinippers  were very much in evidence yesterday at the Osprey Watch in Kielder Forest, Northumberland.  Fortunately there is excellent live camera coverage from the two nests inside the café at Kielder Castle, so we were able to escape for a bit to watch the chicks being fed fish while filling ourselves up with delicious home-made goodies.  My veg and lentil soup was superb, with a fresh brown roll.

Today was devoted to bits of my body:  hearing test, eye test and new glasses in the morning.  The hearing aids will have to wait until I’m back in France, as they wanted a few weeks to fit and supervise early wearing.

Tomorrow:  Durham, to meet Tilly about which no doubt there will be the odd (very odd) picture or two later.  Wednesday:  home to France.

map at leaplish


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12 Responses to Gallinipper

  1. Hope you’re home safe and catching up on some zzzz’s. Traveling is so tiring.


  2. Viv and Tilly… in one room… together! I can almost hear the laughing already. Y’all have fun! (Oh, Viv, this is a good time to let you know that, in my post, “BFF.” a Facebook term, means “Best Friends Forever”! Hope that’s what it’s like seeing our lovely laughing housewife. Hug her for me! A


  3. Ron. says:

    V + TB= Critical Mass.
    Have a blast!


  4. Just as we arrive back in Normandy, we find out you have hopped over the pond! We will be here for a couple of weeks though so must catch up over lunch or tea.


  5. One nice thing about the desert is the rarity of mosquitoes. (Reno is high desert, Palm Desert low)
    They scare me now with the incidence of West Nile Fever since my immune system is so poor thanks to my kidney transplant meds. Enjoy your time with Tilly and safe traveling, happy home-coming!


  6. catterel says:

    You do seem to be making the most of your stay – bully for you! I like Gallinipper – reminds me of galligaskins and gallivanting. Now there’s an image – gallivanting gallinippers wearing gallisgaskins – a very odd picture :-D.


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