A strange new word impinged on my drowsy state  yesterday and set me thinking. Meliorism means that the world tends to become better, or may be made better by human effort. Can this definition be justified?  When you think of all the dreadful damage that human effort has wrought in the world – war and killing, crime, and cruelty, poverty and despoliation of our planet, I have to suggest that the dictionary is wrong.

Great art and music,
true love and literature
are they recompense
for all the evil
that men wreak on our planet?

The dictionary provided another useful word today, a response from my muddled brain:   hokum.


This mixture of poetry and prose is for Meeting the Bar at the dVerse poets’ pub

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22 Responses to Haibun

  1. I always enjoy coming across a new word. There is much sadness and destruction in the world attributable to humans but also much love and caring. Nature is often not at all benign and is remorseless in destruction. Perhaps balance as in all things? As humans we can hope and work toward changing what we do; nature remains the same. Enjoyed the thoughts and your form.



  2. Teresa says:

    That certainly is a question to ponder! Love the last word.


  3. Wise rant-like haibun, Viv. And on it goes.


  4. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:

    No they don’t … but they are beneficial in their own right.


  5. I see no evidence of meliorism in this world and agree it is hokum. But your question is nicely answered in your poem and even it isn’t true at least it makes it more bearable. Lovely thoughts, Viv


  6. Linda says:

    More art, less war. What more can we do to offset the balance, except to keep writing poetry.


  7. This is thought provoking…you amaze me with your slipping into a pool of words from the pondering of a word..excellent use of the form as well, Viv.


  8. hypercryptical says:

    Great new word – thank you.
    Would women do better in this world of ours – I tend to think not – for they would develop the mindset of men…
    Sorry men – love you!
    Anna :o]


  9. I don’t know if the world has ever really improved or become worse. Perhaps it is just our awareness that has changed and our opinions on what is moral.


  10. A very good challenge in your haibun there.


  11. claudia says:

    that is a very good question.. and i think i would answer it with yes…


  12. colonialist says:

    That is a good question. Easily answered by looking around. There is far more man-made uglification than beautification visible everywhere.


  13. Very good points. A tough world we live in, both strange and beautiful.


  14. kathy reed says:

    Truly a well done haibun…it’s hard to look on the positive side much of the time with what said.


  15. brian miller says:

    ok, cool new word…i think it is possible but takes some serious intentionality about how we live and the impact it makes on all around us…i guess i would wonder what they were measuring as better as well, you know….i think it possible…smiles. i think our verse and words do have an effect.


  16. Indeed.. in most respects the world got on better with humans.. so does our feeble pieces of art outweigh what we do to this world?.. One could just ask oneself if hokum is a better world.. love that you brought satire into the haibun.. it’s a very versatile form


  17. I’m trying to find the right word…not cynical…melancholic? There’s a real undertone of sadness in that short verse.

    I don’t think they are meant to recompense; they are supposed to…ameliorate 🙂 Make this awful world more bearable.


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