The birds came wordle 162



A survey of  bird life hereabouts
showed nary a one when we moved in.
The need to see life is vital to me
so I set about planting treats:
flowers to lure insects,
greaseballs stuck in the apple tree
and a regular supply of crumbs.
You have to laugh, or you’d cry
……………………………………. for no birds came.

The north winds of winter
came and stayed  –
the face of the earth devoid of smiles –
………………………………….. and no birds came.

A meeting of tractors conferred
and spread in formation to labour the earth.
A flutter of pigeons took the hint,
flocked to the field near the house
…………………………………. and a few birds came.

Buds burst, blossom bloomed, the sun shone
my treats took heart and did their job.
First a blackbird came to sing his song
a sparrow arrived and brought his mate
to chirp and squeak.
One after another,
to change my report,
…………………………………. the birds came.


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34 Responses to The birds came wordle 162

  1. I need to see them, too…I’m SO glad they came, Viv…bless you for bringing them back!!

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  2. ayala says:

    Glad they came, a lovely poem!


  3. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:

    I’m glad they finally arrived. The poem gets quite suspenseful!


  4. billgncs says:

    I hope you don’t lack for bird brained company henceforth 🙂


  5. I remembered this as one so touching and even more so today–when I walked the mutts, the world was crazy with birdsong. I almost didn’t make it home, stopping to try to find the singers and identify them. And yesterday we had our first visitor to our oriole feeder. What gorgeous creatures they are.


  6. I too loved the building tension in this piece – and i am pleased the resolution was positive. A place without birds is indeed a sad place.


  7. scotthastiepoet says:

    A lovely lively write Viv – I especially liked the use of: “showed nary a one…” Regards Scott


  8. vivchook says:

    Lovely, Viv. I can identify with the angst you felt at the absence of birdlife, so well done on enticing them back. An uplifting poem, & experience. – Vivienne, of OneVoicePoetry.


  9. Gabriella says:

    A place which is devoid of birds feels sad. I am glad the birds came back and also that you now have a nice pot garden.


  10. I feed the birds in out front garden. Definitely time well spent.


  11. Sherry Marr says:

    Yay! Our yard is alive with birdsong, so I rejoiced when your birds came.


  12. claudia says:

    oh nice… i love that you planted and sowed for them to make them feel comfortable… and who could deny such an invitation – i bet they love your garden viv


  13. brian miller says:

    nice…i am glad the birds came…and brought life to your neck of the woods…i need that life as well to remind me all is well in the world…planting season here…so many of the farms are plowing and manuring…def scents the air but it as well is a comfort that life goes on…smiles.


  14. Lovely poem, Viv. We have our first new bird tenants in a bird house we have had for several years. Also, the hummingbirds were gone for awhile, but have returned.


  15. Pamela says:

    What an absolutely lovely poem, Viv. Yes, life affirming and just what I needed to read.



  16. restlessjo says:

    Hooray for the birds, Viv 🙂 You make these Wordles all your own.


  17. Oh, I don’t know what I would do without birds. Come to the desert in winter where we are overwhelmed with all those flying south. They are my inspirations, my companions. I am so glad they came at last.


  18. Oh Viv, I love this piece! You are making the world a better place for birds, and those of us who love them. Brava!


  19. Sabra Bowers says:

    Yay, the birds came. I enjoyed the suspense in your poem. Well penned.


  20. Lovely, Viv! The poem and the happy ending. Cats keep the birds away from our garden.


  21. Hellena says:

    Complimenti Viv, it is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Love and Hugs, Hellena


  22. What a nice story. Patience will pay off if you wait long enough!


  23. Our garden is quite unruly.. with trees and bushes.. so birds love it here.. even in winter.. and yes we have squirrels and visiting deer also… so happy that the birds finally came with spring.


  24. Laurie Kolp says:

    The need to see life is vital to me…

    Me, too, Viv!


  25. What a lovely piece! We so need our birds.


  26. oldegg says:

    All is well with the world when you have it at your window singing, chirping and cawing, gracing your stage not for applause but for a few scraps!


  27. Misky says:

    It took years to coax wildlife back into our garden when we first bought this house. The area was a construction site for about a year, and all the birds fled the noise and dust. It’s lovely when they return, and we even have a green woodpecker who visits occasionally.


  28. 1sojournal says:

    I’m so glad the birds came to your treats and care to nurture. We sat outside yesterday and whistled for the birds and they responded, seeming as happy as we were to be present.



  29. Jae Rose says:

    I love early mornings listening to the dawn chorus in bed..birds are a sign of life i suppose..reassuringly following a pattern of seasons and time…greatly captured here.


  30. drpkp says:

    Oh Viv – I love the way this one just builds along with hope and inspiration – Thank you for this 🙂


  31. kaykuala says:

    Once one makes it easy for them, they will come. It’s a fulfillment. Beautiful write Viv!



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