O Deur

Miz Quickly is seeking layers of perfume today. Here is my freewrite take on the subject.

Vanilla superimposed
on baking bread,
Sweet Williams would do as well –
to mask the odour of sanctity
and disapproval in which I used to live.

Fresh tarmacadam,
roasting chicken
or coffee beans from the shop by the Cathedral.
Toothpaste in a kiss,or Dettol on a graze –
all these are scents I love.

frangipani (plumeria) courtesy of Wikipedia

Seaweed rotting on the shore
with glorious fangipani flower
takes me  to Seychelles,
over-boiled cabbage, sweat and outside loos
and I’m in my first school.

The manufactured perfumes
that cost so dear  to buy –
I’d rather have a rose, so sweet,
than Marilyn’s nightwear!


The Chanel No.5 I bought for pennies at a vide grenier (boot or garage sale)



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12 Responses to O Deur

  1. Wonderful evocation of smells. Love the Monroe reference.


  2. I was explaining to my eight-year-old that scents are our strongest link to memories just an hour or so ago. We have just come from an outdoor party with a fire pit. I kept finding myself in the line of smoke. I told my son to close his eyes and smell my hair. “Can you picture us in our sleeping bags inside our tent?” I asked him. “Oh my gosh, it works!” he nearly yelled. 🙂


  3. julespaige says:

    I used to work in a coffee shop! Loved the smell. Hubby jokes as he likes ‘high octane’ and I like half or full decaf. I grew Sweet Williams once… I hadn’t realized they had a sent.

    I rarely use perfume. But I like scented bath soap. Some fruit or floral. I know some like to stick with one fragrance like sandalwood.

    Thanks for your visit… I’m still behind on return visits. Slowly catching up and thinking I’ll just try and do better with the new visits. I’ve only so much time – I hope your spring brings you wonderful scents ~ Cheers Jules


  4. colonialist says:

    I like the reference to the odour of sanctity – that always gets up my nose!
    There is still some in the bottle of No 5?
    I don’t think I have yet been forgiven for remarking to my new wife as we headed into Mozambique on honeymoon, ‘This country has a funny smell’. Unbeknownst to me, she had just applied some birthday Blue Grass!


  5. whimsygizmo says:

    Mmmmm. Delicious. I can’t believe I forgot about coffee! Love this swirl of scent.


  6. b_young says:

    I love Sweet Williams, clove pink, the whole blooming family.


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