Senryu for Napo 22

I repeat, antanaclasis
a figure of speech.

Some lovely new words
in Miz Quickly’s prompt today
like Epistrophe –

repetition first
or last, makes no difference

anaphora, it’s all Greek
to me, I repeat.

find what others have done with these wonderful words over at Miz Quickly’s place


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7 Responses to Senryu for Napo 22

  1. colonialist says:

    You left out polysyndetic coordination and and and …
    I have worked with all of these guys, but they haven’t been introduced to me by name before! 🙂


  2. Amusing one, Viv 🙂

    But they are great words.


  3. Misky says:

    This prompt could last me all week! Quite meaty.


  4. julespaige says:

    Short forms can be fun. Greek to me as well. I think you did a fine job here. I copied and printed the prompt. And then just went with easy. I’m not even sure of the repetition forms I used. But since I had to pay a death tax bill…that’s what I went with 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by. Hugs, Jules


  5. cecilia says:

    all greek to me too but the poem sounds delicious spoken aloud..


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