Half and Half News

Kind Miz Quickly has been giving us wonderful prompts all through the grind of Napowrimo.  Today’s is a cracker:  Write something that’s half-and-half, in-between, two-tone, or not quite what it seems.

My mind went immediately to those horrible shoes so fashionable in pre-war films.

 image via Wikipedia – correspondent shoes, also known as 

Spectator Shoes

Half and half news
adultery shoes
brown and white –
what a sight.

If I were to sin
it wouldn’t be in
correspondent shoes ~
too conspicuous, right?


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8 Responses to Half and Half News

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Weren’t they worn by Dandies?
    Fancy-boys done up
    In Zoots?
    Always wise
    To stay away
    From Dapper Dans, eh Toots?


  2. Just love it, Viv–adultery shoes?! I confess, I rather liked spectators. Especially women’s heels. Guess I am old.


  3. TeeHeeHee! I never heard them called correspondence shoes.


  4. This gave me a good laugh Viv! X


  5. cecilia says:

    This poem sings! I want some sinful shoes But Gumboots will have to do .. c


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