So many homes we’ve lived in and left
and the treasures departed with them,
the gardens, lovingly created, left behind to flourish or not.
Folk no longer have places to stash the not-strictly-useful.
What some call bibelots others call trash.
One or two relics have stayed the course –
Gran’s great colander moves everywhere with us,
finds a spot in the saucepan cupboard to settle.
Mum’s sugar thermometer is still in use,
helping jam and marmalade to  set.

A collection of oriental china nags at my conscience;
there are boxes of treasures taped closed
for so long that I can’t remember the contents –
Those who come after me can deal with those.


dVerse Poetics is looking for Treasure, and you’ll find lots of valuable stuff there!
The Napo prompt for Day 8 is to re-write a famous poem.  I often do this kind of pastiche exercise, and you will find a Springlike Daffodilian poem here.

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16 Responses to Legacy

  1. ayala says:

    Treasured memories. The boxes for others left behind…I am still going through my parents boxes and they have been gone for five years.


  2. My sister has many of my mom’s things boxed and taped shut in the basement – they have not been looked at in twenty years. I keep begging her for a look see – just to lay my eyes on them once more before I totter off this mortal coil – but somehow it never happens. I guess she’ll deal with them at some future date. I totally resonate with this poem…….some treasures lost, others kept………


  3. Things boxed .. oh if they are not instantly unboxed… they might remain there fore ever.


  4. tigerbrite says:

    Yes, those old colanders are so useful. I too am in the process of downsizing but I won’t part with the colander and the oriental china is in use.


  5. Ah yes, the danger of the move, and having boxes that never get opened (been there, done that!). I love the touch of humour at the end… reminds me of my mum!


  6. shanyns says:

    Lovely. Some treasures go with you, others remain behind. Others to be discovered and some lost to time…nicely put together!


  7. colonialist says:

    The sentiments are shared!
    In the first line, would an ‘in’ put in result in invalidating the mood you were in? 🙂


  8. kaykuala says:

    If care is taken ‘treasures’ of memories may not cause clutter. Nice that you still have a variety of them! Wonderful write Viv!



  9. This is a lovely piece, Viv. I have a collection of my grandmother’s silver that nags at me from its box.


  10. Misky says:

    Lovely. This brought back fond memories of the numerous houses that we have called home.


  11. brian miller says:

    our colander rest in a pot as well…though i dont remember where we got it…
    ha we have a couple boxes in the closet from previous moves…that i really have no idea what they are…lol….


  12. Mary says:

    Viv, I have some of those boxes of treasures from the past that I don’t know what to do with either. I did manage to deal with some, but there are more to go. Your mention of your colander reminded me I had my mothers old one for a long time until I replaced it with a plastic one. Now I wish I hadn’t. Your poem triggered many thoughts, Viv. I enjoyed it.


  13. Having moved many, many times throughout my life, I very much relate to this. Somehow we whittle down and keep those things which truly matter and leave behind or leave packed those that no longer serve us.


  14. rosross says:

    Yes treasures and treasured memories.


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