Wordle 151 Take Nothing for Granted

wordle 151

We’re here for the whole trip,
to catch each moment while we can;
to celebrate life and live it all
so we don’t miss out on paradise.
Take everything that’s on the platter,
wring every last crumb that’s on offer.
Let nothing and no-one moulder
unnappreciated, unrecorded –
the bent old man who sweeps the gutter,
the lover who makes me sing for joy;
returning leaves in Spring;
Summer and Autumn, nature’s bling.

Put words in a row to make a line,
bake lines into poems to shout aloud,
then hurry along with the golden motley.

I was cogitating Hannah Gosselin’s prompt at Creative Bloomings, to take nothing for granted, when the wordle words popped into my inbox.  The progression seemed natural, to merge Barbara Young’s words with Hannah’s thoughts.

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20 Responses to Wordle 151 Take Nothing for Granted

  1. I am obviously not the first to say it, but, “bake lines into poems” is truly brilliant.


  2. I LOVE ‘bake lines in a poem’ – wonderful!


  3. Baking lines into poems is a brill thought, Viv. This transcended one actual event and had a broader overview of life, which I liked very much. But “Then hurry on with the golden motley,” that is the BEST. Reminded me somewhat of the hereafter – not streets of gold, but the brilliant essence of love. Thanks for hanging in with me while I’ve had the gremlindeep again. Amy


  4. I love this line:
    Let nothing and no-one moulder
    unnappreciated, unrecorded –


  5. 1sojournal says:

    Your wisdom and joy in life shine through these words, Viv,



  6. oldegg says:

    Writers are so lucky as they can express their joy in words as you have done.


  7. whimsygizmo says:

    LOVE this last, especially:
    “Put words in a row to make a line,
    bake lines into poems to shout aloud,
    then hurry along with the golden motley.”



  8. humbird says:

    Love the appreciation of life in your poem xx


  9. cecilia says:

    Your poems always inspire me with their solid connection to the world and its joys. Have a gorgeous day.. do you have leaves? Buds? Wonderful.. c


    • We went for a walk after lunch, in WARM sunshine, finishing on the green path which is a favourite of ours. Some fat swollen buds, some tiny bunches of leaves, the last glimpses of hazel catkins, the whole walk was bursting with life and all gorgeous. Unfortunately I had forgotten to charge the camera battery, so I have no pictures.


  10. b_young says:

    I want some baked lines to shout. (mine tend toward half-baked)


  11. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    And when the trip is over? Then what?



  12. drpkp says:

    The differences in reading are what I truly love about poetry – There is a mention of the final three lines … Yet, as I commented to the poster, it was precisely these last three lines that drew me ! “words in a line” “bake lines into poems” Delightful ! 🙂


  13. Irene says:

    Your lines bent on wringing every drop of joy through poetic acts of witness is much appreciated, Viv.


  14. Jae Rose says:

    I think the last verse is perfect..like a spilt in thought between the words and how they are written..and baking..always good!


  15. thehutts says:

    Great poem apart from the last bit. Not studied this in detail but it looks like you need to use row and bake in the main poem. Could you bake in the sun? and have lavender plants in a row – a lovely sight and smell in parts of France at certain times of year?
    From a non poetic daughter!
    Love S


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