Spring on the verge of springing

??????????????????????????????? last week snowdrops   this week crocuses??????????????????????????????? lesser celandines ???????????????????????????????  and primroses 

first daffodil first daffodil

???????????????????????????????even a carnation from a bit of stem I snipped from a shop bunch and stuck in a pot last November.



and next  door’s new lambs, born to the scruffiest looking ewe I’ve ever seen!  You can see our kitchen clock in the background – the Church steeple which fell off into the road during the hurricane in 1999 and was beautifully rebuilt on the spot, in the car park.  The whole canton turned out to see it lifted back into place.


And the shape (and scent) of things to come:  preparing for planting the maize – the view from our sitting room!

Posted at Cate’s Place for six word Saturday

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22 Responses to 6-word-saturday

  1. You’ve still got a pretty decent view!

    Can we see a picture of the clock?


  2. Nanette says:

    Love seeing where you live, I imagined ….just from your comments on Miss c’s blog, maybe the downsizing thing……that you lived in a medium density village/small town. Lovely you have all those countryside vistas and animals around you, without the hard work. Nice poo pile!


  3. I had seen this post on my Ipad and yet did not realize it came with pictures till just now returning to it! I must have a chat with the folks at Apple!


  4. judyt54 says:

    spring lambs are spring lambs, and I’m sure she’s a good mom, even if she doesnt comb regularly…

    i envy you those early bulbs, ours are still buried under three feet of snow.


  5. That muck heap is looking good to me 🙂 I’d like a delivery like that for my allotment, sadly it’s getting harder to get it delivered since a local organic farm closed down last year.


  6. HIlary says:

    your pictures make me feel hopeful…


  7. Oh, the joy of new birth, of spring. I love it that you notice every little detail, Viv. Nice photos, too.


  8. Mlissabeth says:

    All your lovely pictures are so encouraging!


  9. Judy says:

    Oh how wish I could take pictures like this. We have about 4 feet of snow on our garden. It will be a while before we see any spring flowers.


  10. Tonya says:

    We have had a similar winter here in Western Washington but I am still ready for Spring! Love your photo’s of what’s to come, well except for the last one, phew.


  11. Kathe W. says:

    Yep! Spring is just around the corner! Love your photos! Cheers!


  12. Karen S. says:

    Oh my sweetest! Lucky you. Our weather right now is well, check my post, hehehe, more like winter on the break of worst-winter since many moons ago!


    • We have been icredibly lucky this winter – lots of wind and rain, but nothing like the catastrophes occurring both sides of the Atlantic. We have (so far) had precisely two mornings of frost in the entire winter. I hope yours lets up soon and brings you the joys of Spring.


  13. restlessjo says:

    A lovely fresh morning here, Viv. Crocuses everywhere and tiny iris too. Not entirely convinced Winter’s gone but hopeful. Nice to see your surrounds. 🙂


  14. Ron. says:

    We’re about 2-3 months behind you, V. Thanks for the preview. I’m drooling.


  15. I think Spring is making an entrance far too early! I love the spring flowers, the leaf buds beginning to appear on trees, the lambs, but I hope we don’t have a long cold snap which will kill everything off.


  16. Misky says:

    Another winter behind us, Viv.


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