April 2013

Sam Peralta, for his swansong at dVerse poets’ pub, has written about prose and prose poems.  I remember lots of prose that is more poetic than lots of poetry, but until this year I had not tried to write a prose poem.  Bereft of new ideas, I searched my archive
and came up with this.  Oh how good it would be if it were April now.

Smoke hangs still above the valley, for the winds of winter have calmed at last. The clouds have gone on strike today in promise of goodwill. A haze of green hangs heavy on the hawthorn hedge against minute bobbles of colour that may soon burst into bloom, scent the air, attract attention from shy endangered bees. Four noisy children, infidels of energy, climb the fence to greet the turtle, emerging from his winter shelter at the bottom of the pond. On dry land once more  basking  in sunshine, he will forget the months of struggle spent beneath late-leaving  ice, to thrive once more, steal cherries, provoke his small friends into giggles and squeals of joy.

Bon courage for the novel, Sam

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19 Responses to April 2013

  1. I love this! The phrase that leaped out at me was “infidels of energy”, which is just an amazing metaphor for the rambunctiousness of the children. That’s only one of the many gems studded throughout this jewel of a prose poem. Merci beaucoup!


  2. Raivenne says:

    Simply beautiful. This is a lovely prose poem, you’ve done the prompt proud. A wonderful nod to spring.


  3. Lindy Lee says:

    Prose, pleasingly plump with poetic desserts…


  4. The phrase infidels of energy..is so reflective of the way so many folks it seems look at children..
    a move here a move there..be still my child..the others will notice..we will no longer be accepted..

    And then a child receives a full plate of culture..with TV’s and all others screens..with a fixated gaze..of still posture..no more than two feet focused..before a god Of LIGHT..that never really moves..

    Ahh..the GOD of Movement..is steadily becoming more of a reality in ‘our’ past..

    But it is still within.. us..just waiting..to escape..when set free..
    to once again..just be ‘me’…

    I AM A 53 year old..INFIDEL OF ENERGY..

    i dance walk proudly everywhere i go..with laughs from children..
    and looks of disbelief..from adults..who wonder..how can that law enforcement..looking guy..
    be so dam free..he has to be
    so am i insane..nah..
    i am an infidel of energy..:)


  5. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:

    Beautiful writing, Viv. I think this is an excellent prose-poem.


  6. thehutts says:

    A great cheery read when sitting in the cold, looking out on a grey, dank day. Can’t wait for either some clear frosty,snowy days or spring – whichever comes first. Sally


  7. kaykuala says:

    Beautiful shot Viv! Yes, how lovely it is to be seeing the spring goodness minus the cold. Great!



  8. hypercryptical says:

    Beautiful descriptive poem – ‘infidels of energy’ do so love these words.
    Anna :o]


  9. kkkkaty1 says:

    Beautiful poem…. “smoke hangs still above the valley” caught me right away and I wasn’t released until the end..;)


  10. What a wonderful lyrical description… The cherry stealing was so awesome.


  11. Steph says:

    Lovely.. the haze of green, the hawthorne, that turtle and those cherries.. delicious …


  12. Misky says:

    Oh what a lovely read!



  13. neil reid says:

    yes yes Viv. your prose is lovely and a pleasure reading. very right, what much difference poetry or prose, as both can be so expressive. think I’d even like to see more short prose round about the neighborhood. and like yours to start. neil


  14. When a poet writes prose, most of the time it’s easy to see that they have poetry in their veins. Wonderful descriptions, Viv.


  15. grapeling says:

    “infidels of energy” is a *perfect* description, and hurrah for the turtle, another season of ice endured ~


  16. Mary says:

    I enjoyed this word picture, Viv. I am sure that the turtle will not remember all the time spent beneath the ice, but surely WILL enjoy spending time in the sun and entertaining the children.


  17. brian miller says:

    ha. fun. its a cool bit of a story….and i rather enjoy playing with turtles….some fun alliterration and quick internal rhymes along the way to move this along….i would not mind some goodwill of clouds as i would like to actually get some work done so i am out of school when summer gets here…….


  18. claudia says:

    smiles… my workmate has a turtle in the fridge for the winter as she found no shelter in the garden – it’s an old fridge, not the one they use for their groceries…smiles… loved the part with the kids climbing over the fence to welcome the turtle… i love spring when everything starts blossoming and getting green again, nature awaking and the scents…hmmm… beautiful poem viv and makes me hungry for spring


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