6 word saturday

In labour fifty years ago today

My lovely daughter was born at 9.30 am on Scottish national poet Robert Burns’s birthday.   I have no tiny baby pictures – in those days everything was on ciné, much to my regret!   Here is the youngest one I can find:  , Sally  at 5 months cropped from a group and enlarged beyond what is reasonable.  She was 5 months old then!

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21 Responses to 6 word saturday

  1. Precious photo, Viv. Happy 50th to your daughter. 🙂


  2. Jo Woolf says:

    Many Happy Returns to your daughter! That’s a cute photo! 🙂


  3. Jim says:

    🙂 Happy Birthday, Sally ~~ Does she have a blog?
    🙂 I read Tilly Bud, she has a nice blog.
    😉 Nice ‘poem’ today. I wish I had read it before …


  4. Stormcat says:

    I wish I would have thought about the poem before I read the explanation. I’m sure it would have evoked a completely different meaning had I read it in a vacuum. Nonetheless the meaning as you intended it is really lovely. Birthday Congratulations to mother and child alike.


  5. Happy Birthday to Sally! I hope the celebrations are going well. 🙂


  6. Tonya Jastad says:

    Happy Birthday Sally and Congratulations to mum!


  7. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter Sally! And congratulations to you as well since you did all the hard work that day 50 years ago 😀


  8. Congratulations!. My first was born on Dec 28, and every Christmas I walk around remembering the incredible experience. Enjoy the memories!


  9. Karen S. says:

    How wonderful, and you have all those beautiful memories!


  10. Gillena Cox says:

    congrats to you and your gorgeous girl; have a nice Saturday

    much love…


  11. Judy says:

    Congratulations on becoming a Mom 50 years ago. Without your daughter you wouldn’t have been one.


  12. thehutts says:

    Thanks to Crowing Crone Joss and Restlessjo. I forgot to say that your grandson played me Happy Birthday by ear on the family piano this morning! Sally


  13. The best six word Saturday of the year! Happiest of birthdays to your Sally. She has a wonderful Mum!


  14. restlessjo says:

    Awwh! How funny- my James was born on 23rd and I always end up thinking back to the hospital on his birthday. I was a fortnight overdue and had to go in to be induced. I was not at all amused. But it’s all worth it in the end, isn’t it, Viv? He came home for a birthday celebration this year, so that was nice.
    My 6WS will be seriously late again this week. Catch you later 🙂 Love to Sally!


  15. thehutts says:

    Thanks for the beautiful tree enamel from Harry! It will have pride of place somewhere in the study. Other wonderful presents I have had include a fantastic wind up/solar powered radio come torch come clock and a daylight bulb to got with a new lamp for your/my music cabinet from the boys; and a 101 uses of baler twine from some good friends. Love Sally


  16. thehutts says:

    Thanks Mum – I have those cine films and will take them to get them put on to CD soon. I have been getting training on all things archival with folks from the Northumberland Archive and they can get them done for me. Love Sally


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