Water – too little, too much


One essential commodity far beyond price
and yet inaccessible for too many thousands
trudging for hours weighed down with containers
from remote muddy pool to primitive hut
for needed but disease-laden liquid.
Listless children buzzing with flies,
gasp and lie lifeless.
Such scenes haunt.

Excess has an equal impact –
storms rage, rivers swell,
inundate rich pastures
destroy roads, bridges
and homes
take lives.

for Poetic Bloomings prompt 137 using all but two of the words from Wordle 143


illuminates, impact, remote, scenes, storm, one,haunt, litter, need, pool, lifeless, price thousand

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19 Responses to Water – too little, too much

  1. Some have too little and some have too much. This never changes and probably never will because the problem is within the heart of man. Nice work.


  2. Pamela says:

    Well penned, Viv. On such destruction.



  3. A stark presentation well written. Nice manipulation of the wordle words into the Blooming Water prompt, Viv!


  4. seingraham says:

    Nicely done combination Viv…I like to do that too when I remember or can manage it…you’ve done a splendid job of it here, with the wordled words and the water prompt both; “listless children buzzing with flies” is so evocative…well done.



  5. Those images of lacking water always haunt and then the alternate excess….you bring great contrast with the two halves and much to be thoughtful of.


  6. oldegg says:

    Life giving, life taking, like so much in our lives. There is sufficient water, the supply remains the same only man prevents access by boundaries, by barriers, by corruption, by price, by guns.


  7. 1sojournal says:

    Your well balanced poem speaks to the need to find even more. Vivid imagery, Viv,



  8. Linda Jacobs says:

    I like how the shape of your poem reflects the subject! And the description of the children is heart breaking.


  9. colonialist says:

    It has certainly come out with no indication that it was circumscribed in the use of words.


  10. Such impact within your words. A piece to ponder on.


  11. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    You’ve done a masterful job of pitting paucity against plenty.

    A Singular Whirl


  12. annell4 says:

    So true, like Goldie Locks, not too little, not too much, but it must be just right.


  13. Alice Keys says:

    You’ve done a great job with this fist full of evocative words. Wow.


  14. A strong image of the children with the flies – makes me realize just how much I take for granted having clean water.


  15. Misky says:

    Such a horrible situation, particularly in South Sudan at the moment.


  16. kaykuala says:

    There has to be a natural balance naturally! Too much of the same is disastrous! Well written Viv!



  17. Yes, so true. We need a compromised amount.


  18. alan1704 says:

    Life and destruction together, well written and i like the way it draws me in.


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