We Write Poems gives us an interesting prompt this week, pandering to my penchant for wordles! Three words each from poems submitted to Elizabeth’s Thursday’s prompt to create a collaborative wordle. Here is the word list compiled from poems , with contributor’s name is given in parenthesis. Thank goodness we didn’t have to use them all!

dreams, crowd, edge (Robin)
creation, motley, fabrics (Vivienne)
grouchy, giddy, wildflowers (Marian)
portal, antedilluvian, begetting (Denise)
sepia, fluid, voyeurs (Nicole)
wishes, cycle, beaming (Annell)
tail, tangled, shadow (Abby)
exultant, bowed, untrodden (Jules)
intoxicating, melancholy, stillness (Elizabeth)
sparsity, plough, wrinkles (Misky)
eats, coal, neon (Barbara)
oxymoron, meteors, oranges (Irene)
good, incense, prayers (Pamela)
pinks, fortune, compass (Dick)

Here’s all I could come up with through the poetry drought that’s dragged on too long!


After the Harvest

After the Harvest

In a rare glimmer of sunshine
I see over the edge of the garden
a vast stretch of sepia earth –
empty, melancholy,
waiting in suspense for the plough
that will wrinkle the soil
until seed is planted to transform the scene,
beget a rampant waving sea of green
which will block our view of distant trees
as the cycle of seasons rolls on.

But for the moment, nothing,
not even wild flowers.

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All poetry, prose and pictures posted here, except where otherwise stated, is my own, and may only be used elsewhere with my expressed permission. Please don't be inhibited from correcting my bloopers and making suggestions: Most of what I post here is instant, ill-considered and off-the-cuff, in serious need of editing.
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24 Responses to Nothing

  1. I long for the rampant waving seas of green and the wildflowers…but for the moment, nothing…but white and the passing of a brutal polar vortex from under which we’ve just emerged. Nice use of the words.



  2. Alice Keys says:

    You are amazing with word prompts. This is no exception.


  3. From nothing to a rampant waving sea of green is amazing … or magical … or maybe even erotic.


  4. Pamela says:

    “But for the moment, nothing,
    not even wild flowers” They are everywhere, but i cannot see them right now, my friend, Nice write.



  5. Mary says:

    One would hope that wild flowers would appear soon…they are a sign to me that warmth cannot be far behind.


  6. 1sojournal says:

    Lyrical and I, like others before me, really like plowed wrinkles of earth and those sepia tones,



  7. claudia says:

    there is def. something melancholic in those large stretches of sepia earth…and also that promise of growth and spring… can’t wait…


  8. Well played! You make it all flow so well – and it fits the picture perfectly.


  9. I like it! The words, wrinkle the soil spark a vivid visual of plowed earth.


  10. Anticipation and expectation. The lull before the (green) storm.


  11. Misky says:

    Not long now, Viv! A few more months and that field will have a spring green sheen!



  12. Susan Chast says:

    Suspense! I never thought of that! I’m thinking of frozen earth enjoying a good mystery untilwrinkled by the plow–sort of like waking up with a back rub and gentle back scratch. While the poet envisions, is she channeling to or from the earth?


  13. bkmackenzie says:

    but for now nothing..not even wildflowers…earth, life all at times prefers stillness…bkm


  14. The last two lines speaks to me of faith…


  15. Pat Hatt says:

    Winter is a pain in the arse, the cold needs to go away and bring on spring haha


  16. cecilia says:

    winter is just so HARD, but it makes spring all the more wonderful.. it is like dull and sublime!

    I think I am going to start saving to come and visit.. it may take a couple of years, 18 months maybe? but I think that I am going to try.. I want to visit.. c


  17. julespaige says:

    We broke our record low of twenty years ago with bitter temps here. And yet when the last snow melted the grass was still quite green. A wondrous job, Viv.

    Best of the New Year to you and yours. I had fun with this prompt too.


  18. Irene says:

    Lyrical if nothing. Your muse seems back, Viv.


  19. brian miller says:

    yeah its pretty stark in winter…i like the thought of the land waiting in suspense for the til…i miss living by the fields…seeing the big combines…..the cycle goes on around and will be here soon enough….


  20. coalkissed says:

    Beautiful! I love the word picture you painted for all of us. I like how you used the words from the prompt. I haven’t tried one of those before…I will have to take a stab at it sometime 🙂


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