There is no refuge like a book
(to paraphrase Emily Dickinson)
or nowadays. like a Kindle
to isolate us in another world,
cut off from those around us;
in a world of adventure, history,
romance or poetry
or even a bloodthirsty mystery.

You are never alone with a book
A wait in a queue? No problem,
I’ll renew acquaintance
with Shakespeare’s sonnets on my Kindle,
or catch up with Richard Hannay.
Jane Eyre may entrance me
or Emma make me cross.
A portable library in my handbag
is nearly as good as the shelves back home.
You’re never bored with a good book.

for http://poeticbloomings.com/2013/12/29/rompt-there-is-no-frigate-like-a-book/

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8 Responses to A BOOK

  1. Alice Keys says:

    Paper. I LOVE books made of paper. But I have to read in French now. My skills aren’t up to par yet. I miss getting lost in a book just to be lost in it.


    • It really improves your language skills to read in French, and I used to read a great deal in French, while I was learning, but nowadays I read mostly in English. Amazon.fr does livres en anglais and there is an English library not far from here, where we take unwanted books and borrow other people’s!


      • Alice Keys says:

        Perhaps if my French level ever gets good enough (unlikely) I will return to reading in English. I also copy pages from the books every day. This helps me focus on the spelling part. (YIKES. There’s so much to learn.)

        I spent fifty years of my life immersed in books. There will be time for this again, I’m sure.

        I’m into free and shared books. I haven’t the money or space for a personal library now. ((SIGH) The lives of four must fit into one car for a bit longer.

        We must find a year round rental in the next three months and move again.



        • The only space solution would be a Kindle and a search on Amazon for the freebees. My Shakespeare and Dickens and Buchan et al came free.


          • Alice Keys says:

            Thanks for your suggestions.

            We have three e-readers filled with books in the house (and three guys always glued to them). Plus I have a number of e-books on my mini-laptop. I can’t seem to remember to read the e-books, even when I really want to read something specific. The screen doesn’t hold my eye and they’re hard to navigate. I’m old and hooked on paper.

            I’m very lucky in my life. Something will work out. Something always does.

            The best of New Year to you. Stay warm.



  2. colonialist says:


    I so love the folk with a Kindle –
    It gives yet another that win, will,
    By buying online
    Some books such as mine –
    I hope they don’t find it a swindle!


  3. A woman after my own heart, you are!


  4. Bastet says:

    You’re right on with this great poem! Nicely put.


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