is my favourite word.  Today on Celie’s blog she gave us a blow by blow account with pictures of the fitting out of an extension they have built on to their house as a future home for The Matriarch, as Celie calls her MIL.

The excitement for us came from seeing a beautiful site for the lamp Jock made from a blown-down beech tree, carving a two and a half metre chain from a single piece of wood.  We offered it to Celie, as we no longer have a place for it, and she is as excited as we were.  Jock managed to coil it round into a wine box, ready for sending to Illinois from Northern France.  Now all we have to do is to find a shipper!  The lamp in the old house, (above, beside my poppy field quilt) and below, dismantled and Ready to go.  The desk (bonheur du jour) was also made by Jock, from scrap wood.  He’s a woodaholic!




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13 Responses to Serendipity

  1. I missed this post! I don’t know how because I never delete you until I’ve read everything.


  2. colonialist says:

    The chain is an absolute miracle of woodwork, even to that beautifully crafted shackle. Trying to figure out exactly how it was done is giving me a headache. I hope it will be insured for a zillion bucks in transit.


  3. Eha says:

    OMG [OK, awful abbreviation!] ~ so, about three hours after reading AND commenting on the chain in Celi’s post, here is the picture! I actually get to see it!! If the coupe ceiling will take the weight, this would, to my way of thinking. SO fit into that particular environment!! Waiting for further developments!!!


  4. restlessjo says:

    A man of many parts, your Jock 🙂 Enjoy your family time!


  5. Mlissabeth says:

    He is a talented artist and craftsman! I am sure C will love it. Did you know I originally found C’s blog from you? And to think, she only lives about 30 minutes from me. Small world!


  6. What an amazing addition to Celie’s place this will be. How exciting to be sending it to it’s new home where it will be loved and treasured.


  7. Alice Keys says:

    It’s wonderful to see your new kitchen at last. It’s lovely. I’m in Awe of the creative work of the hands of Jock, the woodaholic. Are you the quilter?

    Thanks for the post.


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