Poetry Drought

A horrible feeling that I’ve written nothing worth reading lately means that I have not posted anything for days, though I have been busy submitting earlier work to various competitions etc.

The Christmas season is upon us, with cards to be written and gifts to be made and sent,
the new house is short of room for decorations and I am short of energy to put them up.
The cakes are almond pasted, but I am loath to put on royal icing, as it aways seems to go as hard as concrete, making it difficult – nay, impossible – to cut neat slices.  Does anyone have any ideas for a foolproof icing recipe?


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9 Responses to Poetry Drought

  1. I find doing other things and not worrying about the drought usually works. Sometimes I don’t write for a few weeks. I no longer panic. The words come eventually.


  2. How about going to the store and picking up a can of frosting. As you can see, I’m no cook. :0)
    I’m feeling the drought thing, too. I guess we just need to go with the flow. The poem I wrote/posted for dVerse was a surprise to me!


  3. I’m happy to come over and give you a hand in any way.


  4. Georgia says:

    I’m sure you’ll be putting your poetic slant on all of your cards 😉
    I don’t bake anything requiring icing but my mum does a fantastic job & this is her recipe:
    2 egg whites
    480g pure icing sugar – approx
    Food colourings
    1. Beat egg whites in a small bowl with an electric mixer until just frothy.
    2. Gradually beat in enough sifted icing sugar for mixture to form very stiff peaks.
    3. Divide icing into several small bowls and tint each bowl if icing with colouring as desired.
    4. Keep the surface of the icing covered with a damp tea-towel or gladwrap to prevent it drying out


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