One more friend is leaving France

Our circle of British friends is diminishing, as they return to UK to be near family. One of our oldest friends is selling up, and a younger one is going in search of a job. These two are irreplaceable and we shall grieve when they are gone.

But at least our good French friends are still with us, and we are slowly starting to make new ones in  this village.  Last week we were invited for apero (aperitif and nibbles at 11am) by a lovely couple of neighbours, our generation and with similar interests.  We discovered that before retiring he had farmed the land surrounding our last-but-one house, and we had indeed met when his cows got loose and came to nibble our lawn and leave  piles of useful stuff for the roses.

Yesterday our elderly next door neighbour was brought to see us by her daughter, who llives nearby.    Madame had been too shy to come on her own, but she soon relaxed and we had a delightful gouter (afternoon tea).

We also managed to clear part of the garage so that we can (almost) get the car in, now that frost is imminent.  We took our old kitchen table, a chest of drawers, Mum’s oak folding tea table and other bits and pieces to the Depot Vente  (leave for sale).  A bit of shunting around of the remaining boxes will make the space necessary for a cosy car.  I’m hoping lost kitchenalia will surface during the re-shuffle!

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13 Responses to 6-word-Saturday

  1. Suzy says:

    It’s sad when friends leave. But nice to make new ones too. I believe that whenever a friend leaves, new ones are placed in our path. Enjoy your time with new friends.


  2. Mlissabeth says:

    I am sure you are sorry to see your friends leave, but I’m glad you are making new friends.


  3. This is all god news. I’m so glad you are feeling happier about the move.


  4. Change is so painful–moving, friends moving away, getting rid of precious possessions. Be gentle with my friend, that is, you. Okay?


  5. brian miller says:

    sorry you are seeing friends leave, that is never easy…good though you are making new ones along the way…no garage here…just a drive…and it makes for cold mornings for sure…


  6. Ruthi says:

    My friends miss me, too, since I moved this year. Your sadness of friends moving away reminds me to call a few of mine today!


  7. granny1947 says:

    You are very lucky to have good healthcare. Ours is almost non-existent.
    I work mainly to pay for private medical aid.
    And car insurance.
    And a bit of food.


    • poor you. It’s not non-existent in UK – just too many patients and not enough doctors and nurses. Here in France you can get a dr’s appt the same day, test results the same day, and in ER it’s rare for there to be more than a couple waiting. You do have to wait a bit longer for specialists’ appts and dentists. I’m lucky in having a cardiologist and orthopod who give me the next appointment when I’m there for checkup.


  8. restlessjo says:

    It must have been hard work getting settled in with all your health issues, Viv. I smiled at your missing kitchenalia! I can’t imagine you not making friends, French or otherwise. 🙂


  9. Jim says:

    That’s too bad about having your circle diminish. Perhaps though, there is a stage in life when a Brit should live in the U.K. Family reasons for one, health care for another. (I wish ours was on a more stable footing here.) Mrs. Jim had a wonderful out-patient experience in the Wellington Hospital in London. My emergency room trek in Ireland (I know, apples and oranges difference) was also fine. Mine was free (age), Mrs. Jim had to pay almost 100£ which included two very nice prescriptions being filled.

    When living in France, Viv, one has to have her kitchenalia. I hope you find them soon!!! 🙂


  10. Ron. says:

    This is our first home with a garage. What a please to get up and go on a winter morning, no need to dig out, brush off, defrost.
    Sorry to hear that your friends are repatriating. I have no doubt, however, that the smart set will continue to seek you out.


  11. Sorry to hear about the departures, but its’ the indigenous population who’ll make your lives interesting and it sounds as if real progress is being made on all fronts!


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