Celebrating Sunshine



A prickly Frame

Jock came with me, putting up with my snail’s pace, so that I could dispense with my sticks in order to take pictures,  and as something to hang on to.

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12 Responses to Celebrating Sunshine

  1. so thrilled you were able to get out for a wee ramble. And sunshine again today. Love that.


  2. Rosemary Bimson says:

    Lovely to see you’re able to get out to enjoy the lovely autumn sunshine and blow a few cobwebs away. We have had two glorious days here. Makes you realise just how lucky we are with the changing seasons.


  3. Viv, I’m so glad you and Jock are getting invitations. You’ll be popular fixtures in town in no time!

    My favorite view was the “gateway.” Whimsical. A lovely day all around, and congrats on having Jock to lean on sans crutches! Amy


  4. colonialist says:

    A pleasant locality for a stroll, indeed!


  5. cecilia says:

    It must have been just lovely. Oh how you must Long to throw those sticks away, even ONE would be very nice thank you very much. We got some of your sunshine this afternoon but it is still very very cold. I am not even bothering putting things in the fridge, i just put them on the table outside.. c


    • Two sticks are better than one. I have a friend who refused to use two sticks after a hip replacement, with the result that she distorted first her spine and then her legs. With two sticks you have something to support you upright.

      I am just watching a TV documentary about a mediaeval farm, with three historians working it as it would have been done. They’re having problems getting the oxen to plough the field! They have to live totally in the age, food, clothes, lodging, no glass in the windows, no chimney, and making fire with tinder and flint. Fascinating.


  6. These are a joy, Viv!! I love the shadows in the second and what a cool natural frame within the third one! Beautiful and so glad that you’re out enjoying the sunshine. 🙂


  7. thehutts says:

    Thank you for making me go out. I took Fraser’s camera but the card was full so no photos I am afraid. Sally


  8. restlessjo says:

    Glad you could get out, Viv, however slowly 🙂


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