Untitled Wordle 134

Wordle 134

Strive to avoid disaster,
buckle on the sword of vision,
drill with courage
to navigate with grace
troubles met. along the way.
Stride the years with dignity,
humming all the while,
so at the instant of our passing
we gain peace of mind.

I couldn’t think of a title for this rather pompous little poem:  ideas welcome!

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All poetry, prose and pictures posted here, except where otherwise stated, is my own, and may only be used elsewhere with my expressed permission. Please don't be inhibited from correcting my bloopers and making suggestions: Most of what I post here is instant, ill-considered and off-the-cuff, in serious need of editing.
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18 Responses to Untitled Wordle 134

  1. ms pie says:

    a beautiful song of existence with two feet on the ground…. well, most of the time


  2. daphnepurpus says:

    I truly look forward to your poem each week and here is another that I really enjoy. I especially like the line “stride the years with dignity.” Thanks!


  3. 1sojournal says:

    Not pompous, but direct and straight forward, humming all the way.



  4. colonialist says:

    ‘Navigating with grace’ would seem to fit it?
    And the first one to ask if Grace is a GPS gets clobbered!


  5. Pamela says:

    “Humming all the while”, now, I like that idea, Viv. Maybe the title, could be.



  6. granny1947 says:

    AND…if you hum all the time it will drive everyone crazy! 🙂


  7. Veronica Roth says:

    This is a goal of mine too Viv. 🙂 However, I’m completely naff at titles.


  8. nan says:

    This poem packs much in its brevity. Efficient and powerful use of the words. Well done! Navigated with grace!


  9. Sabra Bowers says:

    You’ve express what we all wish for…to have peace of mind at the time of our passing.


  10. Irene says:

    I like the humming.


  11. Old Egg says:

    I enjoyed the list too, however I must agreed with Cosmo that one is proving harder to be dignified about!


  12. I don’t think pompous at all! The hope for peace of mind is something we should all hope for!


  13. Misky says:

    I like it, Viv. How about Humming Along the Way for a title.


  14. drpkp says:

    Wow – don’t think it pompous at all – more an objective 🙂


  15. “Stride the years with dignity” – this is an eternal goal. Don’t always succeed.


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