6 word Saturday

The shape of things to come.

Rain all this week and next; windy and chilly as well.  Not a cheerful prospect, but we smile in spite of the weather.

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13 Responses to 6 word Saturday

  1. Eha says:

    rain finally falling . . . God’s blessings appreciated . . .

    Yes, well . . . written from bushfire country Down Under ~ over 60 beasties to go to sleep . . .


  2. Kate says:

    Even in bad weather, it is still France, and that must be exciting.


  3. hilary says:

    the sun is trying to pop out ever now and again here…


  4. Mlissabeth says:

    I like that you can still smile. 🙂


  5. Just the same here – chilly, damp (following heavy rain earlier) and dull.


  6. bookmammal says:

    Sunny and chilly here in Chicago–after a week of cold and rain.


  7. Ron. says:

    Temps just below freezing at present, not expected to rise much today. Flurries.


  8. stepping out between the rain moments to go to compost heap or even a wee walk. last night, I stood in the open doorway just to get fresh air in my lungs! I don’t seem to mind the rain so much as it is mostly warm. Having said that, a couple straight days of sunshine would be most welcome.


  9. colonialist says:

    Bad weather is great, in that it is so nice to be out of.


  10. Jim says:

    I can watch the London weather on AbbeyRoad.com/crossing and have seen a lot of wet weather there. It isn’t raining now. The kids’ flat is the tall building across the street. We had rain Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs. Jim played golf before the rain on Tuesday and now again Friday. Our temps are in the 50-60’s night and low to mid 70’s day.

    I read your ‘coffee time’ post, it was nice. I just finished my own coffee and am about to head off to bed. Mrs. Jim was finishing her e-book and now is getting a new one from our library. I posted and read MSN news clips while waiting for her. We had a little snack with coffee. It’s just to turn to 3:00 AM now.


  11. Cold, sunshine, damp and some rain here.


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