Wanting to be positive but failing

I have tried to make some progress on the wedding present quilt, which has been on hold since the disastrous move, but gremlins in the workroom meant that the small amount of work I did on Thursday mostly had to be unpicked and re-done on Friday. Gremlins in the sewing machine didn’t help!

bargello-quilt-2a the quilt at planning stage back in May. It’s about half-finished now.

One good thing to come out of this week is that we now have a magnificent view from our windows.  They cut the maize field opposite on Thursday and for the first time since we moved in nearly 3 months ago we have discovered  a far horizon, with trees galore and glimpses of sunlit glades – well, there will be when the sun comes back. 

Vies in June

View in June maize not yet blotting out horizon

harvest in progress, 23.10.13

harvest in progress, 23.10.13

today 0845

today 0845


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19 Responses to 6-word-Saturday

  1. cecilia says:

    oh there are your trees, you must be so pleased to have such a soft gentle line on your horizon.. c


  2. I’m so happy you have a view again!


  3. colonialist says:

    I wouldn’t have thought that meallies … er, corn … could do such a job of view blocking!


  4. Mlissabeth says:

    if you are half-finished, it is progress, just like the progress of your view.


  5. bookmammal says:

    I’m not talented at all at sewing, but I so appreciate the work of those who have that gift! I’m sure it will be marvelous when it’s finally finished!


  6. Lynda says:

    Viv, I have seen bargello quilts and wondered how the ladies that made them kept it all straight. Your comment about opening the loops get me curious about what you meant, so I went to take a look… Wow, they are a lot of work! I love the colors you chose. Yours is going to make a lovely gift, and is definitely worth waiting for!

    I enjoyed your view with and without the cornfield. Change is a good thing. 😀


  7. Tonya says:

    Isn’t there a saying “slow and steady wins the race”? Just doing a little at a time is still doing it! It is going to be a beautiful quilt when finished and it doesn’t matter when you give it, they know it is a gift from your heart and that you had setbacks along the way only makes it more special.
    I like your view better after the harvest too, although all the green in your first picture is very pretty!


  8. The broader horizon looks lovely. I’m sorry about the quilt – I’m okay at sewing, but don’t know if I am up to tackling a quilt!


  9. Karen S. says:

    I know those days, and when that feeling strikes… take good care of you….enjoy every single moment of your weekend…smiles!


  10. restlessjo says:

    When is the wedding, Viv? It’s going to be magnificent when it’s finished. Draft in Tilly Bud for a week or so? I’d volunteer but I’m a rubbish sewer. (I must mean seamstress- isn’t a sewer something that smells?)
    You need a splash of my red to cheer you up, my dear 🙂


  11. Ron. says:

    Glad to hear your horizon has broadened, V, & sorry about the quilty setbacks. Chin up.


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